Chynna Ortaleza believes that it’s best to become a mom in your 20s

Chynna Ortaleza believes that it’s best to become a mom in your 20s

While she became pregnant when she was already 32, Chynna Ortaleza still believes that it's best to become a mom in your 20s! Read on to learn why

Chynna Ortaleza, mother of one, shared why it's best to become a mom in your 20s, and why it's important for moms to always keep themselves fit and healthy.

Chynna shares why it's best to be a mom in your 20s!

Along with fellow celebrity moms Yasmien Kurdi and LJ Reyes, Chynna discussed motherhood in the February 15 session of Kapuso ArtisTambayan.

She shared that while she had no trouble during her pregnancy, being an older mom has made it difficult for her to keep up with her daughter.

"Luckily, kahit 32 ako, hindi ako nahirapan na dalhin si Stellar.

"But it's a different story now that she's growing up. Kasi ngayon, mag-34 na ako, ang hirap niyang habulin.

"As in talagang ngayon ko na-understand kung bakit ina-advice sa mga babae to get pregnant in your 20s because nasa prime yung body mo," she said.

She also highlighted the importance of being physically fit and healthy for moms.

"My advice, number one, I'm sorry, if you're a stay-at-home mom and even I, I am not always working out, you really need to work out.

"You have to make yourself strong for your child.

"Kung walang time magpunta sa gym, meron namang paraan sa bahay.

"May mga applications na puwede ninyong gamitin or yung daily activities niyo ng anak niyo, yun na yung magiging exercise mo.

"Pretty much that's how you keep strong."

Chynna mentioned that these days, she has shifted towards a healthier lifestyle, especially when it comes to the food she eats. She added that getting adequate rest and sleep is also very important for moms.

How can moms keep themselves fit and healthy?

Let's face it, losing weight isn't as straightforward as it seems. And for moms who are busy at work, or busy at home, it's really hard to find the time to focus on working out and keeping yourself fit.

However, your fitness and health are important things to consider since being healthy lets you take better care of your family.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways that moms can keep themselves fit and healthy!

  1. Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal since it provides you energy that will get you started on your day. Eating a healthy, well-balanced breakfast can help keep you strong and healthy.
  2. Make time for exercise. Exercise isn't something that takes a lot of time. All you need is to make an effort to be more active, and look for ways to keep yourself fit. Try walking instead of taking the bus, or take the stairs instead of the elevator in your office.
  3. Focus on yourself. While it's your responsibility to take care of your kids, it's just as important for you to take care of yourself. Take a break, relax, and don't place yourself under a lot of pressure.
  4. Get some sleep! Sleep is important since it allows your body to recover. Getting enough sleep each day can help keep you strong and healthy.



Photo screencapped from: Instagram

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