Male Contraceptives

The three scariest things in the world are premature balding, cockroaches and unplanned pregnancy. Humanity has known this since time began, and as such has endeavored to make sure that one of these would happen as infrequently as possible!

contraceptives for males

Male contraceptives

A new survey by the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore and pharmaceutical giant Bayer Schering Pharma, has found that over one quarter of sexually active women below the age of 35 not prepared for motherhood still avoid using any form of birth control. And of the women who practise birth control, 81 per cent use condoms, while 14 per cent employ the withdrawal method. Just 11 per cent use the pill, despite studies that show it is far more reliable than other techniques.

Contraceptives for males:

The survey unfortunately did not look at male usage of contraceptive. Here at theAsianparent we don’t believe that the onus of contraception should just fall squarely on the women’s shoulder, so we give you a lo-down on various contraceptive solutions available for men!

Male Condom


Condoms are so far the most popular and widely used forms of contraceptives used by men. The item is easily used and is very much accessible across the market. Men can easily buy these contraceptives from supermarkets to your neighbourhood mama shop.

If used properly, condoms provide protection against both pregnancies and STDs . It is recommended when you have sex with a new partner, have multiple sexual partners or are unsure of your partner’s sexual history.


75-90 per cent depending on correct use. Do check use by dates.


Spermicides are chemicals that kill sperm. They come in the form of a cream, jelly, vaginal foam or aerosol.

Spermicides need to be placed in the vaginal early enough before intercourse to be effective.


70 per cent if used on it’s own. 95 per cent if used with a condom.

Coitus Interruptus or Withdrawal


This natural form of contraceptive involves a man withdrawing his penis from the vagina before ejaculating. This method frequently fails because small drops of sperm may have already escaped from the penis into the vagina before the man ejaculates. It also causes impairment of sexual climax.


Less than 80 per cent effective.

Male Sterilization (vasectomy)


Vasectomy is a surgical procedure to cut the ducts that carry sperm so that, while a man can still ejaculate, there is no sperm present. The relatively simple operation, which can be carried out under local anesthetic, affects a man’s fertility potential and has no effect on the libido or the ability to have sexual intercourse. It takes roughly 15 minutes to perform.

This method of contraception is permanent and only suitable for those who do not want to have children. Although there is a chance of reversal, the procedure is complicated and rarely successful.


The most effective form of contraception. Over 99 percent effective.

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