Does egg yolk color really matter?

Does egg yolk color really matter?

Why do egg yolks come in different colors?

Have you ever wondered why some egg yolks are darker than others? Does it matter if one yolk is darker than others? Should we be paying attention?

The darker, the more nutritious

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Popular belief says that darker yolks are healthier because they have more nutrients. Darker yolks usually come from free-range hens, which are fed more varied diets that contain not only grains but also bug and vegetable. In comparison, most eggs found in grocery stores come from factory farms that limit their hens’ diets by only feeding them grains.

Hens with more varied diets yield eggs that contain more vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, it is believed that lighter yolks are usually less nutritious.

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But where does egg yolk color really come from?

It must be noted that egg yolk color is just an indicator of the hen’s diet. If they eat more carotenoids, or natural pigments, it changes the yolk’s color—regardless of their feed’s nutritional content. That means that naturally pigmented substances like flowers and chili peppers can be added to feed to enhance color.

egg yolk color

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Bottom line: Though pasture-raised hens do seem to produce more nutritious eggs, the protein and fat content remains the same regardless of yolk color.

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