Hilarious video shows when and where breastfeeding is okay

Hilarious video shows when and where breastfeeding is okay

The Canatella's hysterically respond to all the fuss behind public breastfeeding

Even in today’s society it seems as though women are being shamed for breastfeeding in public places. So much pressure and ridicule is cast towards mothers of all ages simply for nourishing their babies.

People need to toss out these reservations against breastfeeding and face the truth: breastfeeding is a part of life. Basically, they need to deal with it!

Women have started to show pride in their public breastfeeding, and for good reason. The social stigma associated with breastfeeding is a serious problem society needs to deal with.

While it is definitely a serious matter, that didn’t stop YouTube comics and parents The Canatellas, from addressing it in their own delightful manner.

The hilarious vlogger couple recently released a video that depicts all the different places and situations in which breastfeeding is okay. Check out some of these funny examples:spending

Make it rain! You can always breastfeed while you shop and treat yourself!


Try utilizing those handy multitasking skills! Breastfeed while you work hard.

out of this world

This mom's breastfeeding range is out of this world!

Be sure to watch the whole video by clicking the play button below:


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