How to quit smoking during pregnancy? Here are some tips!

How to quit smoking during pregnancy? Here are some tips!

Quitting smoking while pregnant is really hard but know that it can lower the risks of having complications of your baby during your pregnancy.

Smoking cigarettes is a harmful habit, and especially when pregnant. We know that this is harmful, but how can we stop this habit? How can we even avoid smoke during your pregnancy? And what if you don’t know you are pregnant and you’re smoking? Know the risks of quitting smoking while pregnant.

If you are a smoker and are planning to get pregnant, or are pregnant, and want to quit, know that YOU CAN DO IT. We know its hard to quit on something that became habitual to us. But don’t lose hope you can definitely quit if you are willing to quit.

When To Quit

Any time is the best time to quit, the sooner the better.

It truly is best to stop smoking before even getting pregnant but even if you are smoking while pregnant, it will still make a difference to the development of your child, as well as your own. It will reduce the risks and complications of the birth and your baby if even you start quitting smoking while you are 3months pregnant.

Maybe you want to quit already, and have plans to quit, but just do not know when to start? Remember quitting smoking while your pregnant will still reduce the risks and complications for your baby and of course for you too. Here are some tips for you.

risks of quitting smoking while pregnant

Some tips to quit. | Image from Unsplash


First and foremost, the decision of wanting to quit must be made. You can consult your doctor on some ways to quit. The Mayo Clinic suggests some things, such as: 

  • Avoid situations that make you want to smoke.
  • Avoid people who you know are smokers.
  • Spend time with people who don’t smoke, and visit places where smoking isn’t allowed.
  • Turn to friends and family for support.
  • Ask for advice from those who have been successful quitting.
  • Set a goal and create a reward for meeting it. It is said make it a small goal, such as setting a no smoking goal for two weeks, then maybe 3 weeks, then a month, and so forth.
risks of quitting smoking while pregnant

The sooner you quit, the better.

If you’re pregnant, can you use some products that help you quit smoking?

There are some products out in the markets that try and help or try and make quitting smoking while your pregnant less painful, such as nicotine gum or a nicotine patch, ask and discussed with your doctor the risks and benefits of it.

Some of these are over the counter products but if you want to try this out, try it with the lowest amount of nicotine. If you are pregnant, keep in mind that these products still have nicotine in them, which is one of the chemicals that damage your health, as well as your child’s. 

risks of quitting smoking while pregnant

There is always a way, you just need a plan! | Image from Unsplash


What happens if you quit smoking in the first 3 months

These are the things that happen to you when you quit smoking in the first three months of pregnancy:

  • It will help the child’s development
  • The growth of the limbs especially will not be impeded
  • Find a hotline you can call for support

Is there a possibility of relapse after quitting?

Yes there is always that possibility. It is already hard to quit smoking and it is an absolute achievement if you do so. Especially during the time when you’re pregnant with your baby, there’s a high risk of getting back to smoking after quitting while you’re pregnant before.

Specially when postpartum comes in, and once the stress of newly born baby hits, it may be a cause for the relapse. How does one stop this from happening?

It must be thought about even before the postpartum even comes. Try and find ways to try and diffuse the situation and lessen the stress. Again it is easier said than done, but it can be done. Follow the tips that we outlined above. These tips could help during this time, this and have patience with yourself as this is a time of adjustment.

If you really have to smoke, you need to do so without the baby near by or in an enclosed are with your baby in there. But of course, please try not to. It will be better for you and your baby.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy? Here are some tips!

Lowering risks of complication of your baby inside your womb if you start on quitting smoking while you’re pregnant. | Image from Unsplash

You can do this mommy! Just a little patience because breaking of habits is hard. But once you put a new more productive habit in its place, it will be easier to cope. If you just put your mind to it anything is possible. Remember you will lower the risks of complication for your baby and you while you’re pregnant if you will start in quitting smoking.


If you want to know some reasons why you should quit, read this.



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