Ian Veneracion on letting wife handle their finances: "My money is her money"

Ian Veneracion on letting wife handle their finances: "My money is her money"

The timeless 'crush ng bayan' opens up about marriage and how he's trusted his wife Pam with all of his earnings throughout his career.

After over two decades of marriage, the 42-year-old actor has gained much wisdom on how to make a relationship work.

In previous interviews he’s shared how he keeps his wife happy by not debating with her constantly and by staying faithful. In turn, his wife Pam trusts him to always stay committed to her. How? Ian says he’s earned her trust and that she’s simply not wired to be the jealous type. Plus, he simply doesn’t have the time or “budget to have mistress.”

Though a successful actor, he shares with entertainment website PUSH that his “bread and butter” has been the business he put up with his wife after they got married.

He believes his wife is simply better at managing money

“Hindi ako ang businessman, it’s her gig (I’m not a businessman, it’s her gig),” he confesses. His wife Pam is an engineer who works with constructing water and sewer lines. “For example, yung income from showbiz, kasi kung hindi ko yan paiikutin, wala. Parang baldeng butas yan, eh, ang showbiz. Kasi ‘di ba, minsan long periods tayong walang trabaho, yung ganoon. (For example, my income from showbiz, if I can’t make it grow, it’s useless. It’s like a pail with a huge hole, this showbiz thing. Because, you know, sometimes I don’t get projects for long periods of time, things like that.)

Ian Veneracion on letting wife handle their finances:

photo: Ian Veneracion instagram

He went on to share how he’s always wanted whatever income he earns in his showbiz career to go to funding their business. He also believes what’s his is his wife’s as well.

“Whatever I have, my money is her money, ini-invest ko don. Diretso kaagad sa kanya,” he reveals. “Sa akin, gusto ko she manages my finances talaga.”

(Whatever I have, my money is her money, I invest it in her. It goes straight to her. For me, I really want her to manage my finances.)

He asks for allowance and consults her before making big purchases

He also shared that he asks for an allowance from his wife, who trusts him enough not to ask what he needs the money for.

When he does want to make big purchases, but isn’t quite sure about it, he often consults his wife first. For instance, if he wants to buy a guitar or motorcycle, his wife Pam gives him advice about whether he can afford it or if he should save up for it more.

“I’m really happy that she manages that part,” gushes the devoted husband, “because she’s really good at it.”

sources: PUSH, ABS-CBN News

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