Iya Villania on working out while pregnant: 'Don't be afraid to move!'

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After a number of Instagram followers showed concern for Iya Villania doing exercises while pregnant, the actress and soon to be mother-of-two shared that it's totally safe to exercise while you're pregnant, and that moms shouldn't be "afraid to move."

Actress Iya Villania has received a slew of messages from other moms who are concerned about her doing weightlifting exercises while she's pregnant.

Iya decided to respond to these messages through her Instagram stories, saying that it's safe to exercise while pregnant.

Iya Villania: "It is safe to continue your workout while pregnant"

Iya writes, "Yes! It is safe to continue your workout while pregnant.

"Unless you have complications with your pregnancy and your doctor advises for you to rest, then it is safe.

"Get the go signal from your doc! Don't be afraid to move!"

She added that for moms who are already working out, and got pregnant, it's okay to continue their work out. However, she adds that it isn't a time to"exceed prior fitness levels" and that moms should always ask for the go signal from their doctor.

Get fit for pregnancy!

She also shared that it's important for moms to get fit before getting pregnant. That way, it's easier for moms to stay fit during their pregnancy. "Just listen to your body, and slow down."

"And for those concerned about how heavy I lift... Relex mafrens, family and fellow countrymen.

"What I lift now isn't even 75% of what I used to do... #moveyourbump Thank you for your concern," she concluded.

Indeed, it's true that moms should try and continue to eat healthy and stay fit during their pregnancy. The key is to know your limits, and not to force yourself to exercise if you feel uncomfortable about it.

Listen to what your body tells you, and always consult your doctor since they would be able to provide the best advice for you!


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