TAPfluencer Spotlight: Food Scout Mom Jill Tan says she's a 'whatever works' mom

TAPfluencer Spotlight: Food Scout Mom Jill Tan says she's a 'whatever works' mom

Get to know the woman behind The Food Scout Mom!

Kilalanin si Mommy Jill Tan a.k.a The Food Scout Mom. Bukod sa pagiging foodie, isa rin siyang full-time mom at entrepreneur. Pero bakit nga ba sinasabi ni Mommy Jill na isa siyang ‘whatever works’ kind of mom?

TAPfluencer Jill Tan, The Food Scout Mom

Dahil sa kanyang passion sa pagsusulat at pag-ta-travel, nagsimula si Jill bilang food blogger.

“Fresh from college when I started the blog, I only aspired to inspire and inform to transform people through my simple online platform. Back then, there was also no “career” in blogging. It was purely built out of passion and love for the craft. In my case, my love for food & travel. In my 10 years of blogging, from being single to now a mom, it has always been my outlet to share my positive thoughts about things I love.”

Sa kanyang blog, makikita ang kanyang travels, food reviews at mom life. Pero bakit nga ba niya tinawag ang kanyang sarili na The Food Scout at paano siya nag-transition to The Food Scout Mom?

jill tan the food scout mom

Image from @thefoodscoutmom’s Instagram

“The idea of creating this blog started right after I graduated from college. From my travel to India and Thailand with my mom, I was inspired to open my food & travel life to the online world. Also because of my heart for writing, sharing my thoughts, photography, food and travel, The Food Scout was born. When I became a mom, life became more purposeful and more colorful. Hence, The Food Scout Mom has become my social media name.”

Noong nagkaroon siya ng asawa, bagama’t very private daw ang kanyang husband — suportado raw siya nito at iniintindi.

“Even if my husband is a very private person – no social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram – he supports me in everything I’m passionate about. He met me when I was a full-time banker by day and a blogger by night. Now we’re both working together as business partners, he probably knows I can wear different hats by knowing my priorities. As a wife, it is my role to make him feel he is more important than any other work, next to God. Hubby over my hobbies!”

jill tan the food scout mom

Image from @thefoodscoutmom’s Instagram

Bilang foodie, nae-enjoy din ba ni Mommy Jill na mag-prepare at magluto ng pagkain para sa kanyang pamilya?

“I enjoy cooking! But given my situation as a full-time working mom in my business, I rarely cook in the kitchen. Since I have to manage both the business and our household, I end up training people how to do things. For example in our household, I research on recipes I know my family will enjoy and then teach our helper to cook these dishes. In this way, I manage my time wisely both in the office and at home, spending more quality time with my family.”

Jill Tan: I’m a ‘whatever works’ mom

Bilang mommy, anong klaseng principles nga ba ang kanyang pinapairal? Tinanong namin kung ano ang mga ‘golden rules’ niya bilang mom. Mayroon ba siyang mga kakaibang bagay na ginagawa in terms of parenting?

“From the online test I took, I’m a ‘Whatever Works’ Mom. A little bit traditional, a little bit modern. I like to research and read about parenting and motherhood but based on my 2 years as a mom, I play it by ear. Though one thing is for sure, my Christian principles are firm and guided by the bible when it comes to values I want to pass on to my children.”

jill tan the food scout mom

Image from @thefoodscoutmom’s Instagram

Ayon pa kay Mommy Jill, isang blessing ang pagiging ina. Ang responsibilidad daw na ito ay isang privilege dahil tungkulin niya na magpalaki ng isang tao. Pero aminado rin siya na hindi siya basta na lang dumedepende sa kanyang sarili pagdating sa parenting.

“My favorite part about being a mom is the fact that God gave me this role and responsibility to make the world a better place by raising better humans in this crazy world we live in. In being a mom, I also felt that I’m closer to God than before. In every step of my motherhood journey, I felt the need to be dependent on Him on many things I cannot do on my own. I’m just really grateful God allowed me to be in this adventure called motherhood.”



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