Mommy Mundo Launches 2020 Campaign, #MakeTimeForWhatMatters

Mommy Mundo Launches 2020 Campaign, #MakeTimeForWhatMatters

Mommy MundoLaunches 2020 Campaign, #MakeTimeForWhatMatters because Mom Life is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It’s time to make time for what matters.

You had an extra busy day, traffic was a pain, the house is a beautiful mess, and you’re racing to get dinner on the table. Does that sound familiar? #MomLife is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It’s amazing, beautiful, and the best kind of busy altogether. But if we are not mindful about how we use our time, it becomes easy to place ourselves last on the list.

Mommy Mundo

Mommy Mundo


The truth is we all have the same number of hours each day. Time is a valuable commodity that can’t be hoarded. Each precious day, we have a choice. We can watch time fly away with the constant responsibilities and demands of everyday life, or we can make time doing the things we love with those who matter most.

This 2020, Mommy Mundolaunches #MakeTimeForWhatMatters. This is a wake up call for moms to step back, take control, and reclaim their time. In the process, create a mindset of time prosperity instead of time poverty. “When we begin to change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change,” says Kit Malvar-Llamas, “We need to change our mindset and our language about time. If we say we are time starved, then that is what will happen and if you see yourself as TIME, that you can create TIME, then that’s also what will happen.”

Kit Llamas offers moms three baby steps to #MakeTimeForWhatMatters. First, be present.

Connect our external reality and inner state of being. If you’re in the middle of EDSA in a two-hour jam, acknowledge the existence of traffic around you and how stressed it makes you feel.

Second, breathe and relax. And last, break down time so that you can focus on what you can accomplish in the moment.

Llamas, who has decades of experience as a personal development and corporate development expert, certified Strengths Coach and Chief executive director of Camp Explore and CEE Explore, recently joined Mommy Mundoas its Community Program Director.

Mommy Mundocalls moms to #MakeTimeForWhatMatters

#MakeTimeForWhatMatters offers a whole new perspective on #MomLife. This challenges us to let go of stressing and rushing, and instead focus on our ability to be present and fierce about a future that celebrates a life well-lived.

Each month, Mommy Mundoenjoins moms to focus on a certain theme to help #MakeTimeForWhatMatters. Through three components, moms can learn to make time together, and in a fun way through:

! Taking on the #MaketimeforwhatMatters CHALLENGE: Mommy Mundowill post a challenge to moms every start of the month and moms can join in by doing the challenge and share their successes online

! Join the IG LIVE learning session of Kit Llamas and Mommy Mundofounder, Janice Villanueva, every first week of each month. Kit and Janice will create an MTF TOOLKIT giving expert-based tools and tips so moms will be guided in their “Make Time for” Activity for the month

! Attend the activities organized by Mommy Mundoand practice the #MaketimeforwhatMatters theme with fellow moms in the #MMCommunity

When moms #MakeTimeForWhatMatters, we become better mothers, wives, daughters, and friends, and come out feeling more fulfilled, purposeful and happier. When we model intentional living, it impacts our children and those around us in positive ways. The transformative power of mindfulness and wellness not only impacts moms, it changes their entire family as well. When moms put focus on themselves, they start raising kids who will know how to take care of themselves, their emotional and psychological well being.

MARCH THEME: Get In The Flow of Making Time for What Matters

This March, discover how #MakeTimeForSilly can leave moms feeling more upbeat just by consciously creating time with their kids through laughter, fun, and humor. Fun and happy moments create bonds between people. Moments where we laugh out loud with our children, are scientifically proven to uplift people not only psychologically and mentally, but
also physically.

Mommy Mundochallenges moms for MARCH to create silly moments with their kids, capture them and share on social with the hashtag #MakeTimeforSilly #MakeTimeforwhatMatters #MommyMundo and tag @mommymundo and let’s spread the spirit of good vibes and remind us all that there is a FUN side to parenting and it is just as important as all our other more
serious concerns about raising our children.

On March 7, Mommy MundoWorld: Kids Activity Fair will happen at the BHS Central Park (in front of Central Square). Come and have a silly time with your families, while checking out the best kids activity providers in the metro. Shop for the latest mom and kid products and attend workshops and demos.

Mommy MundoPuts Moms First
#MakeTimeForWhatMatters introduces Mommy Mundo’s pillar on Wellness, focusing on the importance of mindful living. Making time for what truly matters fosters self-awareness, deeper relationships, and celebrating experiences that help a mom to the best version of ourselves.

Mommy Mundois the pioneering multi-platform community for Filipino moms and have been at it since 2003. The Mommy Mundocommunity has been engaging moms in various stages of motherhood, passing on information and support amongst each other, through campaigns that are inclusive, inspiring, and empowering.

This year, Mommy Mundois set to stage more than 40 events nationwide and continue its mission and vision of empowered parenting and community through #MOMPOWERMENT.


Regina Raymundo/ Mommy MundoPR
Mobile: 09178698006
[email protected]


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