Postpartum Stress

Postpartum Stress

Postpartum stress. Another branch of the stress tree. As if the stress of having a baby isn’t enough, there’s also postpartum stress to battle with

Postpartum stress. Another branch of the stress tree. As if the stress of having a baby isn’t enough, there’s also postpartum stress to battle with.

At this moment after the delivery, you’re probably hit with too many emotions to even count – joy, exhaustion, anxiety and yes, stress. Stress can lead to depression and with the looming possibility of postpartum depression being around; curbing postpartum stress should be a priority.

Nipping post natal stress

Happy and nice today,

Stress please go away.

If only it was as easy as that! Sitting around and singing rhymes about it is definitely not the way to beat postnatal stress. But here are some ways that you can consider.


You have to get enough sleep and be aware that you are getting enough sleep. Sleep can affect your ability to take care of your baby, interact with the rest of your family and even affect the way you feel about yourself.

Every night may not be a touch and go in the department of sleep but even if you’re having trouble sleeping do still try. Go to bed at the same time and if you think the three hourly feeding routine at night will destroy your sleep pattern, do still try to snag some sleep in the three hours!

Eating well

Dear new mom, besides everything, you should never neglect your diet. If you’re not under any strict confinement diet, it will be extremely easy to gorge on cookies, junk food and the likes of such. However, consider this: Junk food increases blood sugar and as a result, anxiety feelings will rise and leave you feeling depressed, down and bloated. Throw the junk food away and enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and funky fruit juices (orange and green apple mixed is a personal fave). Your diet should put you in a good mood, help you to sleep and make you feel good about yourself.

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postpartum stress


The new baby is here but where are you? Slumped in a corner on the futon and staring aimlessly around? Now, now. Isn’t this the time you have been waiting for? Hold your baby, establish the bond. Play with the newborn. Sometimes just cuddling the newcomer and sitting in your rocker will relax you more than you can imagine.

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Me time

So new mom, you’ve done everything and yet you still feel like you’re about to collapse? Well, lend some time to yourself. Even if it’s just for 10-20 minutes, it will still help a lot. Pamper yourself.

Your current status as the new mom is equivalent to a celebrity status (at least for the next few weeks!) so prep yourself up and enjoys the attention. Put on your favourite CD, read an old favourite book or just enjoy your favourite scented tea. Minor things as such will relax you.

Help from around

Why do you have to put everything on your shoulders? There are many willing hands to help if you just look. Adeline Wang, a receptionist and mother of two, remembers: “The first time I gave birth, I had this overwhelming shock that I had to do everything and I thought nobody would want to help. Why should they?

This is my responsibility. But everything got too much and eventually my husband gently reined things from me and our family dropped everything to help. It makes you realize that help is just a phone call away at times!” So reach out and you’ll be surprised at how many people are ready to help you! And if everything fails, there’s always confinement nannies ready to adapt and be part of the family during this trying period.

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