Swollen Feet during Pregnancy

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Swollen Feet during pregnancy also known as "edema" is caused by fluid retention in the body. It can be experienced in many organs of the body.

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Swollen Feet during Pregnancy

It is common to have bipedal edema or swollen feet during pregnancy. Edema results from fluid retention in the body. Hands, feet, and breasts can get swollen because of this fluid retention. During pregnancy, the volume of blood in the body greatly increases. Due to this, water begins to accumulate in the tissues. Water retention also occurs because of the increasing pressure that the uterus exerts on the organs and the veins that carry blood.

When the veins get pressed, blood circulation in the lower extremities slows down, causing both blood and water to get pooled in the legs and the feet. Fortunately, the swelling is temporary and subsides rather quickly. While you will have this problem during pregnancy, it will gradually subside after giving birth.

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