Manas: Why your feet are swelling up and how you can deal with it

Manas: Why your feet are swelling up and how you can deal with it

Pregnant & happy, everything is going well! Then suddenly, your feet & ankles start swelling up! Oh no, you have manas! Read this to find out what it is.

One of the many experiences of pregnant women is edema, clinically known as swelling or in Filipino, manas. An edema is caused by water retention that occurs throughout the pregnancy but becomes noticeable in the third trimester.


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According to the American Pregnancy Association, high levels of caffeine and sodium could affect the edema but some doctors don’t view them as a cause – it really just is part of the process.

Why are my feet and ankles becoming manas?

The growing uterus is part of the reason why you are getting manas. When the uterus puts pressure on the veins in the pelvic area, the vena cava may be affected. That is the vein which carries the blood from the lower limbs to the heart and that causes it to slow down the return of blood to the heart.

Some studies have found that high temperatures play a part in the swelling. For the expecting mommies who are really manas during the summer months, now is a good time to swim in a pool to help the swelling subside.


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How do I stop getting more manas?

  • One of the effective ways of dealing with manas is to drink lots and lots of water. Pregnant mommies should drink no less than 2 liters of water a day. This is not just for helping with edema but also for the baby as this may help regulate the amniotic fluid levels.
  • Elevating your feet may also help lessen the manas. If you’re working in an office, try to put up your feet for a few minutes using a stool. This may help the blood circulate faster.
  • Take a walk! Whether you’re working or not it is important to walk to allow blood to circulate and to get those hips ready for the big day.
  • If you have a lot of time on your hands then go for a swim. There is no proof that it will disappear completely but the movement in water also helps stimulate blood circulation.
  • Sleeping on your left side may help with the swelling. Since the vena cava is located on the right side of the body it may be best to avoid putting more pressure on that side.
  • Cold compresses may also work but do not expect to see fast results. It will only give your feet a cool sensation.
  • You can improve your blood circulation by following some exercises here. Not only will it help with the swelling but it will keep you in tip top shape for the big day.



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How can I avoid getting manas?

Prolonged periods of standing and sitting are what make the swelling happen faster. Take time to rest and relax. Try to wear comfortable shoes and definitely avoid high heels which may just make it worse.

Should I worry?

Edema is one of the most common experiences of pregnant women so it is not a cause for concern. However, if swelling gets worse every day, if your blood pressure rises and you are gaining more weight than you should, then it is time to contact your physician because those are symptoms of preeclampsia.

Once the baby has been delivered the swelling will go down significantly after 24 hours. Getting manas is really not a sight to behold for anyone but it does go away.


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