Preschool teacher writes another letter to her students' parents

Preschool teacher writes another letter to her students' parents

It seems like my last letter was effective because I've seen a lot of improvements among the parents. I've decided to write them another letter just to remind them about a few things.

Preschool writes another letter to her student's parents

Preschool writes another letter to her student’s parents


It seems like my last letter was effective because I’ve seen a lot of improvements among my students’ parents. They have been very helpful and I really appreciate their kindness. I hope that they continue to be supportive and cooperative. I’ve decided to write them another letter just to remind them about a few things.

Dear Parents,

I am so happy because ever since I’ve sent you my last letter, a lot of you have been so helpful and cooperative. I am really grateful for all your support. I think I’ve covered some very important points in my last letter but I feel like I need to remind you about some things.

Send your kids to school wearing appropriate clothing. A lot of kids in my class are unwilling to play outdoors or do arts and crafts for fear of ruining their beautiful outfits. Most of the girls wear expensive clothes that are too pretty to be dirtied. This is quite a hassle because the whole class is affected. So mothers, can you please make them wear comfortable clothes that they won’t be afraid to ruin?

For those who have daughters, please don’t make them wear clothes that would make them look like mini-versions of the Spice Girls. I guess now is the best time to teach them about modesty. I’m sure they would still look very cute even if they’re wearing something not too short and skimpy.

And please no shoes that would make “clickety-clacks” all throughout the hallway. I know little girls would love to look just like you and this usually involves wearing heels. But the sound that these heels make just disturbs the whole school. So please…

One more thing about clothes, please try to make your child wear clothes that will be easy to take off especially when they need to go to the bathroom. Fancy buttons look cute but they won’t be cute at all if I cannot open them when your daughter really needs to go. I’m sure you are aware that your child doesn’t really give an advanced warning when she needs to go. It’s such a shame to see your daughter’s clothes spoiled just because of a simple thing called “button”.

“Is my child gifted?” A lot of parents have been coming to me asking me this question. Well, I only have one thing to tell you, all the other kids in my class are “gifted” too. They can sing, dance, clap, jump, count, do phonics, and recite poems. So you see, all the kids in my class are gifted! Don’t you think I’m lucky? I have a roomful of gifted kids, and your child is one of them.

But just because your child is “gifted” doesn’t mean that I have to put him in a higher class. You have to understand that “advanced classes” don’t really work for preschoolers because they are at a stage when they’re still adjusting to everything around them. Just because your child can identify all the letters in the alphabet doesn’t mean that he can already cope in a higher class. We try to look out for all the aspects of a child’s development, and that includes the emotional, moral, physical and intellectual aspects. So please stop bugging me about putting your child in an advanced level. Please…

Check your child’s bag as soon as he gets home from school. It may contain things that may need to be disposed off right away. You may also need to clean it from time to time to remove glue spills and stains from crayons.

I want to thank you for all the presents that you’ve given me. I truly appreciate them. But I want you to know that you don’t really have to give me presents. I will still love your child and teach him well even if I don’t get presents from you.

But if you really want to give me presents, then please skip the repackaged santas, cookies and mini-cakes. I would rather receive cards that they have made themselves with a sincere personal message.

It really breaks my heart when I hear parents saying unpleasant things about other kids. Please try to understand that other kids are just like your child, they tend to misbehave too. Don’t be condescending when they do something unpleasant. Please try to talk to them in a nice way.

Don’t tell your child to hit back. We do not teach kids “revenge” in school. We want them to learn to resolve differences in a peaceful manner.

Don’t tell him not to make friends with certain kids in his class. What would you feel if other parents tell their kids not to make friends with your child?

Pick-up your child on time. I already told you this before but let me remind you again.  A lot of parents still pick-up their children very late. If you want to chat with other parents, please make sure that you get your child first. I love looking after your child but I still have many things to prepare for the next day. So I hope you understand.

Don’t pressure your children to do things that are beyond their abilities. Just let them enjoy every moment of their preschool years. Remember, they only get to be in preschool once. Enjoy yourself as well, enjoy their company. It won’t be long before they will beg you to leave them alone. Now is the only time when you’ll get their undivided attention.

That’s just about it. See you in school!


Your child’s loving teacher

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