Mommy checklist: Protect your kids from Leptospirosis

Mommy checklist: Protect your kids from Leptospirosis

After Typhoon Lando, the Department of Health issued a public warning against Lepstospirosis. So we thought a mommy checklist is in order!

Lepstospirosis is a bacterial disease which is caused by rat urine-infested flood waters. So it's most common in during typhoon season and in packed urban areas such as Metro Manila.

If left untreated, it can cause kidney failure and even death.

So far this year, the DOH has recorded 758 cases nationwide.

How can moms protect their kids from this often fatal bacterial disease?

1. Update your kid's wardrobe.

Gum boots and gloves not only come in cute designs but it can also protect you from typhoon season diseases.

So ditch those flip-flops and buy your kid new rainy day attire.

2. Stay indoors.

Though most of our best childhood memories involve playing with our friends in the rain, keeping our kids from playing in the rain can be another way to protect them from typhoon-borne diseases.

3. Make sure to cover up.

Leptospirosis-infested water often enters the bloodstream through open cut and wounds.

So make sure to use bandages or closed shoes during typhoon season if you have cuts.

It also helps not to walk in flooded areas at all.

4. Keep your environment clean.

Keeping your home clean can also minimize the infestation of rodents, which carry the disease.

It can also help protect your family from other diseases such as diarrhea.

5. Go to your doctor.

There is actually a drug that can protect you from the disease.

But the DOH advises the public to avoid self-medicating.

It's always best to consult your doctor even before typhoon season starts.

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Bianchi Mendoza

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