Put an end to tired-looking skin with this new moisturizing essence

Put an end to tired-looking skin with this new moisturizing essence

When stress takes its toll on you, where do you first see it? Often, our skin is at the receiving end when stress manifests. For women, having healthy and beautiful skin is a sign that we’re in control—but when bad skin strikes, we often feel we’re powerless against dull and dry skin. This is why you need a skin moisturizer.

Now, you can face stress and bad skin head on with Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Ultra Moisturizing Essence. Bring life back to tired skin with the new Hydration Ultra Moisturizing Essence, priced at P499.

What Makes It Different Than Other Moisturizing Brands?

Compared to other moisturizers, its formula is more intense. It works overnight to bring out the beauty in what was formerly dry and dehydrated skin. When your skin is tired and stressed out, regular moisturizers simply won’t cut it. A hard-working moisturizer is what you need for intense skin hydration.

The Hydration Ultra Moisturizing Essence is an affordable essence that contains potent Hyaluronic acid. This serves as a magnet for hydration, locking in moisture and making skin look fresh and well-rested. The Hydration Ultra Moisturizing Essence also reinforces and boosts hydration with its HydraLock Complex™. This acts as a protective skin barrier to prevent the loss of moisture for up to 48 hours. With this, the skin is kept looking its best despite stress and exhaustion.

When's The Best Time To Apply It?

Nighttime is best to apply the Hydration Ultra Moisturizing Essence: at the end of the day, cleanse and tone your face as usual and apply the essence all over your face. The product’s rich concentration allows the formula to penetrate deeply into the skin while it’s at rest as you sleep. Now, you can face another busy day with healthy, beautiful skin.

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