The rollercoaster ride during pregnancy

The rollercoaster ride during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is such a huge gift that different emotions can hit you all at once. It’s not just the pregnancy hormones kicking in that can cause these mood swings but also the enormity of the situation.

Growing another human being inside of you for 9 months is no joke and the science and beauty behind it can be quite overwhelming.

The rollercoaster ride during pregnancy

It’s not just the first pregnancy either that takes you on this emotional roller coaster. I’ve been pregnant 3 times and while the mood swings are different for each, I did go through a range of emotions each time that may have had some people question my sanity in some cases – haha.

rollercoaster ride pregnancy

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For me, the first pregnancy was probably the worst. When I was pregnant with my first son back then, my husband bore the brunt of my pregnancy moods.

I remember crying when he had to leave the house for school, lashing out when he drank all of the cold water in the car, and walking out on him when he wouldn’t buy me dinuguan for lunch.

I was also clingy beyond belief, wanting to go with him wherever he went, whether it was to go for a quick grocery run or to buy food I’ve been craving for.


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Not one pregnancy is the same!

I remember one time, I made him go to SM North to buy Jamaican patties for me because I was craving for it.

Me being the clingy wife, I went with him and made him drive me back home to Novaliches THEN made him drive again to his hospital duty just because I wanted to be with him. I promise I’m not this crazy though when I’m not pregnant.

During the second and third pregnancy, my mood swings weren’t as bad (translated to: I don’t cry as much and am not as clingy). I guess part of it was I already knew what to expect this time and didn’t have to wrap my head around on what was going on inside my body and the changes that will occur as the months pass by.

rollercoaster ride pregnancy

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While mood swings are normal during pregnancy, it’s not entirely pleasant, especially for your husband or those around you. There are some things you can do to help you process these emotions and these are some things I found helpful:

1. Get lots of sleep

Lack of sleep can make anyone grumpy but even more so when one is pregnant. I had severe morning sickness throughout the day during my first and third pregnancies that made it difficult to get enough rest and made me cranky as a result.

Napping during the day helps so make sure to get some shuteye whenever you can.

rollercoaster ride pregnancy

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2. Talk to your partner, kids, and other people at home

It’s important to explain to people at home that it’s not their fault when you start to cry or get upset easily. Talking to them will also help them be more understanding of your moods.

3. Make connections with other expecting moms

When I was pregnant, I had other mommy friends that I could talk to who went through the same thing. Talking to them can lessen the stress that you are feeling and they can give advice on how you can deal with it too.

If you don’t have mommy friends yet, you can easily find other moms in social groups to share experiences and get emotional support.

Remember, mood swings are normal during pregnancy though the experience and emotions felt may differ from one mom to another. It can get crazy but all part of your pregnancy journey!




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