Rufa Mae Quinto rushed to hospital 8 months into her pregnancy

Rufa Mae Quinto rushed to hospital 8 months into her pregnancy

The 38-year-old comedic actress is expected to give birth in February. Learn more about her recent hospitalization, below.

It's no secret that comedic actress Rufa Mae's pregnancy is a delicate one. Speaking to PEP back when she was four months along, she said: "Sensitibo nga. Nag-spotting ako nung second month ko. Na-ospital ako ng apat na araw. Kasi nga tumakbo ako. Hindi ko naman alam na bawal gumalaw pag buntis ka."

"Hold on baby @alexandriamagallanes," wrote the 38-year-old actress on Instgram, choosing not to specify the reason for her hospitalization. "Anak mahal ka namin at madaming abangers sayo so wait 1 more month. We will see you and the world."

The excited mom-to-be also took time to thank her supportive husband Trevor Magallanes for supporting her through this challenging time: "You are the greatest dad. I'll tell our daughter that when she gets older."

In another Instagram post, she shared how this experience helped her realize just how much strength and courage it takes to be a mom.

"Ganito pala maging Ina, kailangan sobrang tibayan at sobrang lakas ng loob mo para mairaos mo ang anak mo sa kung ano ang test. Totoo ang kasabihan na you are risking your life pag-preggy. Natakot ako, ninerbyos, pero bandang huli, I told myself I have to be strong for my daughter @alexandriamagallanes. Sa tulong ng asawa ko, naging mas madali kanina naka recover kami agad ng anak ko."

Rufa Mae and Trevor tied the knot in November 2016.

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