Effects of second hand smoking in pregnancy?

Effects of second hand smoking in pregnancy?

Second hand smoking is really dangerous, what more to a pregnant woman? Know the effects of it during pregnancy and how it will affect your baby.

We all know second hand smoking can affect our health, specially in pregnancy. Medical experts’ advice all women to quit smoking when they’re pregnant if they are smoking. But quitting is not enough to actually eliminate the risks of a pregnant women for having complications and her baby inside the womb. Second hand smoking can also affect the growing fetus or baby inside a woman’s body.

What is second hand smoking?

The smoke coming from the cigarettes actually contains 4,000 chemicals which in fact has associated to cancer. Imagine how dangerous for a healthy person to inhale a second hand smoke, what more to a woman who’s in her pregnancy journey.

It is said that being exposed to second hand smoking in pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, early birth, behavioral and learning deficiencies of you baby once you gave to him/her. It can also lead to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A disorder where a baby suddenly dies while sleeping. This condition is still a mystery because autopsies and medical examinations cannot determine the true cause of death of a baby who is healthy before he/she died.

second hand smoking pregnancy

Effects of second hand smoking in pregnancy. | Image from IStock

The American Academy Pediatric (AAP) made a research about second hand smoke during pregnancy. They found out that its really harmful for the baby and mother. And the best thing to do for a pregnant woman is to quit smoking and we have an article on how to quit smoking. If you are a pregnant or trying to conceive or have a baby, click here.

But do you know or hear about the third hand smoke or smoking? Do you know that it can also affect pregnancy? Well if not here it is.

What is third hand smoke?

A third hand smoke is a residue left behind by the smoke or the cigarettes on objects. For example, cabinets, tables, chairs, sofa, tv, clothes, phone, and many more. It can stick around for days, months or even years. Say that there’s no one smoking but you still smell a smoke from a cigarette, its more likely a residue from smoking.

The toxins that remains on objects in your house can still can enter your bloodstream by touching it or inhaling it. Once you inhale the residues of the third hand smoke you also sharing the toxins to you baby. That’s dangerous. It can affect in the baby’s prenatal lung development, said by the Los Angeles Research Institute and later on it can lead to respiratory problems.

second hand smoking pregnancy

Third hand smoke can affect your baby inside the womb. | Image from IStock

So, it is advice to smoke outside the house. If your partner is smoking better to tell him to smoke outside while your pregnant and even after. Also advice your partner, friends, and family wash their hands regularly after smoking so that the toxins or residues from smoking will be wiped out.

It is also advice to couples who are trying to conceive or have a baby to avoid the exposure to third hand smoke. Also, to stop smoking at all if you want to have a baby. It will help you to conceive a baby without any complications. So, the better to do is quit smoking. Yes, its hard to quit on something that became a habit but if put your mind into it nothing is impossible.


We have to remember that smoking and inhaling second hand smoking for pregnant woman is very dangerous. Not only to her and for the growing baby inside her womb. The most important thing is that if you are pregnant you should avoid and be cautious about this. If you can avoid people who is smoking its better.

Effects of second hand smoking in pregnancy?

Image from IStock

Also, talk to your partner/husband about your worries about second hand smoking and third hand smoking. Tell him the risks and what can it lead to. And, if you are a husband and your wife is in her journey to pregnancy. Be careful that she inhales second hand smoke from you if you’re smoking. Doing this can avoid different complications to your baby when she/he come out in the world.

We all want to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. That’s why its very important to be careful and avoid things that can harm your baby and you during pregnancy. Second hand smoking is not only dangerous for a pregnant women but to all people. Remember when you gave birth to your baby. He or she can also inhale this smoke coming from a cigarette, maybe from second hand smoking or third hand smoke.



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