4 Simple ways to form an eternal bond with your newborn

4 Simple ways to form an eternal bond with your newborn

Keep your baby bonded with you forever by doing these four simple things right after birth.

After birth, there is a period known as the "Golden Hour" which is the first 60 minutes after your baby has entered the world.

This is an important period of time where mother and child can form a lasting bond.

This is why many hospitals encourage immediate 'rooming in' of infants as soon as possible after birth, granting that there are no urgent medical procedures needed.

But once this 'magical hour' passes, there are still ways for you to strengthen your bond with your newborn.

Let your visitors know that you are prioritizing bonding with your newborn

Breastfeeding early and often does wonders for the formation of a lasting bond. Immediately after birth, your baby may only need to nurse for short but frequent periods, like every 20 minutes.

Let visitors know that although their presence is much appreciated, you must focus on breastfeeding your newborn and might not be able to entertain them as much as you'd like.

Ask for breastfeeding advice in the hospital

For new mothers, getting help and support while they are still in the hospital ensures that their breastfeeding journey is off to a good start.

New mothers might need help to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Moms who may need the most support are moms who delivered via C-section or those who had a long, difficult vaginal delivery; moms who had to be separated from their preemies or sick babies; moms of twins, triplets or more; new moms or moms who've experienced difficulty breastfeeding in the past and moms whose nipples are flat or inverted.

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Be the 'baby burrito'

Instead of having your baby swaddled burrito-style, you can ask the nurse or doctor to hand the baby to you.

Studies have found that swaddling a baby can be attributed to less effective breastfeeding.

More and more moms are asking hospital staff to hand their babies to them so they can spend time rendering”kangaroo care” which is done by dressing your newborn in only a diaper while gently laying them upon your chest, achieving skin-to-skin contact which allows for a deep emotional bond to be established.

This is a powerful tool that moms should use often even after they leave the hospital.

There have been many benefits of kangaroo care: heart rate, breathing and body temperature are all regulated well; since your newborn has easy access to your breasts, they are less likely to have low blood sugar and they rarely require diet supplements; baby is less likely to cry because he starts to find comfort in your smell and warm body. In turn, you are able to familiarize yourself with their feeding cues.

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Breastfeed as long as your baby needs to

Shortening your baby’s feeding times can lead to having poor milk supply.

When you’re a new mom, it's easy to think that you can schedule feedings but, most often, this isn’t the case.

Though you may have a general idea about how long or how often feedings should take place, there is really no way to perfectly plan logistics for feeding.

It helps to prepare yourself to nurse as often as possible for as long as possible.

Knowing your baby’s subtle cues such as a squeak or smacking of the lips, will help you know if you should offer your breast.

Try switching your baby to the other side after he’s fallen asleep. You can also try using breast compressions to help improve milk production.

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The first few days after birth will never come again so get us much bonding time as possible. Ultimately, it is up to every mom to deepen their bond with their newborn, their own way.

These four suggestions may help you make the most of the ‘golden hour’ do not only help bond you with your little one, it may also help you begin your motherhood journey on a truly memorable note.

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