Teaching your child both Filipino and English can make them smarter

Teaching your child both Filipino and English can make them smarter

Did you know that kids who are fluent in both Filipino and English have the potential to do better in school? Read on to learn more!

Did you know that teaching your child both Filipino and English would be better compared to teaching them just one language exclusively?

There are some parents who think that in order for their children to have an easier time in school, it's important to teach their children English as a first language. And while it's true that in Philippine schools, English is the main form of instruction, they can be limited by the fact that Filipino is the main language of communication in the Philippines.

On the other hand, if your child isn't proficient in English, then they would have a hard time in school, since a lot of subjects are taught in English. That's why for kids to have the best of both worlds, parents should instead focus on making sure that their child grows up to be bilingual.

It's better for kids to be bilingual

Us Filipinos are lucky since we naturally speak both Filipino and English on a daily basis so being bilingual comes natural for us.

Additionally, researchers have found that children who speak 2 languages or more tend to be smarter compared to other children who only speak one language.

The reasoning behind this is that kids who were raised to speak 2 or more languages have learned the ability to quickly switch on the part of their brain that lets them understand another language. What this means is that their brains are more developed since it basically has to work harder to maintain an understanding of 2 languages.

No need to worry about speech delays

Learning a new language is hard. Any adult who has tried learning a new language can attest to the fact that it takes some skill and practice to get your brain used to thinking and speaking in different languages.

However, the amazing thing about kid's brains is that it's much easier for them to acquire language compared to adults. Children's brains are constantly trying to learn new things, and it's easier for them to understand new concepts that might be difficult for adults, such as learning a new language.

If you're worried that teaching your child to be bilingual might cause speech delays, rest assured that bilingual children can speak at the same pace as children who know only one language.

So instead of focusing on one language, why not try teaching your child both Filipino and English? They'll have the best of both worlds and do better in school compared to their peers who only know one language!

Source: parenting.com

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