Real mom tips for breastfeeding after cesarean section

Real mom tips for breastfeeding after cesarean section

Are you worried about breastfeeding after a cesarean section? Don't be! Here are real tips from real moms on how they made it work.

Breastfeeding after cesarean section can be a real challenge. This is because your body has just undergone surgery, and it needs time to recover. Because of the discomfort and stress you may be feeling, your milk supply can be affected, particularly after an emergency C-section.

Moms should remember that it isn’t impossible, though. Just because you gave birth via c-section doesn’t mean that you can no longer breastfeed your baby. With the proper support system and technique, you and your little one will be nursing comfortably in no time.

breastfeeding after cesarean section

It may take a bit of getting used to and some planning, but nursing your baby after a c-section is something you can definitely do, mom!

The first step is to begin

Proud breastfeeding mom, Marjorie Chan-Reyes, was fortunate enough to be able to start nursing immediately after her cesarean section. Marjorie’s baby was made to latch on to her for a few minutes right after she was cleansed and wrapped. However, not all moms are able to immediately start breastfeeding after a cesarean section.

The important thing is that you begin nursing as soon as you are capable of doing so. First time mom Jessica Ginete-Morales shares that in spite of the pain after her cesarean operation, she was eventually able to breastfeed her daughter, and continued to do so for eight months.

“This is a moment that you share with your child, and one that you will treasure all your life,” Jessica shares, in hopes to encourage other moms to do the same. Once you get started, make an effort to continue nursing your baby as often as possible. Establishing this routine helps to boost your milk flow and ensure a good supply.

breastfeeding after cesarean section

Skin-to-skin contact is important in forming a bond between mother and child. So as soon as you are able to breastfeed, do so.

Find a comfortable nursing position

Finding an effective position for breastfeeding after cesarean section is one of the biggest challenges that you will have to face. Because your body is still healing, it can be difficult to find one that you can get into comfortably.

The side lying position is said to be one of the most comfortable one to get into for breastfeeding after cesarean section. This involves both mom and baby lying on their sides, facing each other’s bodies, chest to chest. This was the preferred position of work-at-home mom, Tin Nivera, who breastfed both of her daughters post cesarean. Her advice is to prop yourself up with lots of pillows and to wear an abdominal binder for added support.

Another option is the football or clutch hold. This works for breastfeeding after cesarean section because it avoids having your baby lie on your stomach. To do this, you need to position your baby under your arm on the same side that you are nursing from, in a similar manner to how a football player clutches a ball. Rest your arm on your lap or a pillow in front of you for support.

breastfeeding after cesarean section

If you are worried about your suture, try nursing in the side lying position.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Having a strong support system present at the hospital and at home makes it easier for you to begin successfully breastfeeding after cesarean section. This is especially important in helping you completely recover after surgery.

While in the hospital, take advantage of the opportunity to room-in with your baby, and consult an in-house lactation expert or your doctor for advice on things such as latching and feeding frequency. You may want to ask about the medicines and painkillers that are being administered to you as well, to ensure that these will not have a negative effect on your milk or baby.

It also helps to have someone who can help you out at home. In the case of working mom, Leia Carunungan, she had difficulties moving around and getting in and out of bed after giving birth. To solve this, she made sure that someone was available to bring her son to her whenever it was time to nurse. Leia nursed with assistance until she was able to manage on her own. She still continues to nurse her already nine-month-old son.

breastfeeding after cesarean section

Nursing moms should remember that eating healthy meals and drinking enough fluids are important in keeping your milk supply going.

Having someone take care of running your household during the first few weeks is also a plus. This way you can be sure to get enough rest and keep your body healthy with enough fluids and a nutritious diet. And don’t forget to try adding milk-boosting malunggay to your meals. All of these can help keep your liquid gold flowing, making breastfeeding after cesarean section better for both mom and baby.

Got any tips for breastfeeding after cesarean section?

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