6 tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy

6 tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy

Try these simple tips to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

After nine long months of carrying your baby inside of you and watching your body warp and change into something you don’t even recognize anymore, we know you can’t wait to get rid of your maternity clothes and get back into your old pair of jeans again. It is so tempting to start searching for tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy, but many experts warn that there are wrong ways of doing it (and right ways, too!)

Weight loss after pregnancy takes time, but it’s definitely possible once you set your mind to it. Just don’t go about it the wrong way – by comparing yourself to other mommies or going on a crazy crash diet. Don’t forget that you still have to nurse your body back to full health while breastfeeding your newborn. And every mommy loses weight at their own pace. But to help you on your journey, here are 6 tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy.

6 Tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy

1. Focus on you

tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy

Why compare yourself to other moms – you do you best! Follow these tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy. | Source: Flickr

Don’t scroll through your Instagram envious of other moms losing their pregnancy weight. Focus on you. When you stop comparing and start putting the spotlight on you, you will know how far you can push yourself in your quest to bounce back to your old body. You will get better and you will get stronger with every passing day.

2. Make the time

It’s a challenge to juggle your kids and your needs, but you have to make the time to exercise or it will never happen. Don’t be guilty about not devoting 100% of your time to your new baby. Your needs should come first, and health is number one on the priority list. Get out there and start working out, even if its only 10-15 minutes a day. You will be surprised to see how effective 10-15 minutes of being active can be!

3. Get creative

No need to register for a gym, especially when you can only spare so little time a day. Instead, take a brisk walk around your neighborhood with baby in tow. Or challenge yourself to push baby in stroller up a hill to boost your upper body and leg muscles. No time for going out? Jump around, do high knees, squats, wall push-ups and lunges while baby is taking an afternoon nap. Get on YouTube – there’s plenty of videos online to guide you. Or check out these techniques

4. Take it easy

tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy

Don’t put too much strain on your postpartum body, even if you’re desperate for tips for a flat tummy after pregnancy. | Source: 123rf

You’ve done it before. You know that extreme workout is a piece of cake. But although you have the spirit, your body may not be able to keep up especially if you are 6-12 weeks postpartum. During this time, your body is still trying to heal itself. Strenuous exercises could make things worse like an injury or affect your breast milk. Don’t worry, your time will come once more.

5. Watch what you eat

It’s not just about moving your body, but also what you put into your body. Healthy meals should be on  top of your shopping list. Eat more lean protein and whole grains, and snack on fruits and vegetables. Healthy fat from avocado and olive oil is good for your body too. Avoid potato chips and don’t ever eat your baby’s leftover food. Keep it on the fridge or throw it away.

6. Workout with baby

How about trying baby wearing exercises – carrying baby while working out can improve your core and posture. It’s bonding with baby and losing all the postpartum weight at the same time.


Source: Livestrong

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