Thirsty toddler adorably searches for milk in a shop's bra section!

Thirsty toddler adorably searches for milk in a shop's bra section!

This hungry little one's determination is so hilarious!

When hunger strikes, creativity kicks in. We hit the fridge and whip up improvised recipes depending on what ingredients are on hand. But apparently, this  resourcefulness kicks in early on in life.

Take the hilarious story of 18-month-old Eve Jackson who, out of thirst, frantically searched for boobies and breast milk while in a Primark boutique bra section!

Toddler looks for milk in bra section, mother captures it all on video

Her mom Vicky Jackson, 35, managed to capture it all in a short clip, which shows the toddler rifling through different bras while babbling “MILK!”

“Is there any in there?” asks her mom at some point, in between light chuckles.

The mom told MSN news that her hungry tot was “entranced” by the rows and rows of bras she “thought (would have) boobs in them.”

She went on to say that it was “quite sharp” of her daughter to associate bras with milk.

toddler looks for milk

Toddler looks for milk by rifling through bra after bra in a boutique, much to the delight of her mom! | Screenshots: MSN News

The mom shares that her “inquisitive” daughter was at the weaning stage, where she often “breastfeeds for comfort.”

“It was so funny,” said the mom of three, whose other kids Isabel, 11, and Nat, 13 were also with her and her husband Sean at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre in Birmingham, England.

Vicky was just about to feed the hungry toddler before the hilarious incident happened.

Check out the funny incident below!

The importance of having a sense of humor

Parenting can be challenging at times and it always helps to have a sense of humor!

From the moment you first blow raspberries on your baby’s belly to your first tickle fight, sharing a laugh with kids is always a priceless moment.

It’s important not to take yourself too seriously as a parent. Don’t be afraid to goof around and just roll with your kid’s sense of humour!

Encouraging their funny side will help kids:

  • be more spontaneous and adventurous
  • see beyond a regular perspective of situations
  • be more open to creative ways of thinking
  • engage and savour the lighter side of life
  • be more optimistic about life and become determined to solve problems
  • learn to laugh at themselves!
  • be open to learning about themselves in the world
  • gain healthy social skills

Most importantly, it helps them have fun growing up!


Sources: MSN News, Kid’s Health

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