What is it like to be the parent of a differently-abled child?

What is it like to be the parent of a differently-abled child?

Being a parent to a differently abled child is all about facing reality, overcoming adversity, and giving your child all the love that you can give.

Children are treasures. And no matter what happens, a parent's love for their child is always there.

It's not a tragedy

All parents would agree when we say that being a parent is never easy. But for parents of differently-abled kids, it can sometimes feel like the odds are stacked against them, especially since taking care of a differently-abled child is vastly different.

It's sometimes difficult to find support or to find people who are willing to accept your child for who they are. People can be mean sometimes, and while differently-abled kids don't always know that people are treating them differently, for their parents, it's much more painful because they can see that their child is being treated as someone who's less than other children.

It's not a tragedy to have a differently-abled child. Just like any other child, they are a gift, and their parents love them just the same,  maybe even more.

Other people are the biggest problem

For the most part, the biggest problem that parents of differently-abled kids have is other people. Getting used to taking care of their kids is pretty easy, but getting used to the judgment that other people have is something that they live with everyday.

There are a lot of stories about parents feeling embarrased if their child causes a scene in public, or if other people start staring at their kids. Other parents even go so far as to tell their kids not to go near another child that is differently-abled, for fear that they might "catch" what that child has.

Some parents even go so far as to avoid taking their child out in public for fear of being shamed or being given judging looks by people.

Other times, it's the child's siblings that feel embarrassed. It's hard for kids to understand that some children are born different, and sometimes kids can even be the worst.

Don't make them feel any different

Some people go the other route, and tell the parents of differently-abled kids that "it will be okay", or tell them that "I wish things were different for you and your child." In some cases, those seemingly "well-meaning" comments hurt the most.

It's important for us to become aware of the fact that differently-abled doesn't mean that they're any less, or that they're a burden on anyone. Differently-abled kids just require a different approach, and a different type of care and understanding, but they're just like any other kid.

What's important is that we treat everyone with respect, love, and understanding, no matter what their conditions are.

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