Mother proves that asking breastfeeding moms to cover up is pointless

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This mom created a video that just proves how pointless it is to ask breastfeeding moms to cover up whenever they are feeding their children.

Jasmine Lane, a breastfeeding mother, proves that asking breastfeeding moms to cover up is pointless. She posted a video on Instagram, with her trying to breastfeed her child using a cover. And as much as she tries to keep her son covered, he just doesn't want to.

This video drives home the point that mothers should not be pressured to cover up when they're breastfeeding. The most important thing about breastfeeding is to feed your child; it's not about trying to cover up because some people are bothered if they see breasts.

Additionally, who would want to eat while being covered with a blanket right? It's but natural for a mother to breastfeed her child, and we shouldn't shame her for trying to be a good mother. The more important thing is for us to normalize breastfeeding in public and not sexualize it.

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