Prepare Your Child For Rainy School Days

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Cancelled classes, flash floods, illnesses—what’s your little one to do when the downpour comes?

The United Nations declared the Philippines as the fourth highest disaster-prone country in the world, with 152 floods in just 2015 alone. How do you prepare your child for the rainy school days ahead?

Check if your child’s immunization shots are complete.

Cough, colds, and the flu are common rainy day illnesses, and the risk of the virus being passed on will be higher now because your child will be in contact with a lot more people. Get in touch with your child’s pediatrician if there are any shots or vitamins to be taken before school starts.

Get your child’s rain gear ready at all times.

Pack a raincoat and sweater in your child’s backpack, and if they’re big enough to bring their own umbrella (and not lose it), let them. Pack an extra towel just in case they get caught in the rain somewhere and would need to dry off.

Have his head teacher on speed dial.

Thanks to social media and instant messaging apps, schools and teachers can easily inform the parents about any cancellation of classes. But just in case you need an urgent answer, make sure you have the number of your child’s teacher or of the point person saved on your phone.

Find out about automatic suspensions on the next page.

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