Uncle of girl who suffocated inside car will be facing charges

Uncle of girl who suffocated inside car will be facing charges

Apparently, the little girl was asked to sit in the back compartment of the car, since there were 11 of them who were inside the vehicle.

Victor Papa, the uncle of Janna Jacobe, the 8-year-old who died from suffocation inside a car, will be facing charges regardless of the fact that there was no evidence of foul play involved in her death.

Photo from: Youtube.com/ ABS-CBN News

Photo from: Youtube.com/ ABS-CBN News

There were 11 of them inside the vehicle

According to her uncle, who’s currently detained in prison, Janna’s parents have already passed away, that’s why he and his family were the ones who were acting as Janna’s guardians.

He adds that he borrowed the car from his brother so that his family could go to a nearby mall in Pasay to have fun and to relax. Victor recounts that there were 11 of them inside the car, and he wasn’t aware that his children asked Janna and another child to sit in the rear compartment of the small vehicle.

She was left trapped in the car for over 18 hours

Once they came home later that evening, he parked the car in a vacant lot and maintains that he double checked the vehicle to see if anyone was left behind. They only realized that Janna was missing at around 7am the next day, and they desperately searched for the child. At around 8pm, he was informed by one of the children that Janna was last seen sleeping inside the vehicle.

He says that he immediately went back to the vehicle and then found Janna’s dead body inside. She was left trapped inside the car for over 18 hours where she died from suffocation.

Victor remains adamant that he did not deliberately leave Janna behind since ever since she was small, he was the one who was taking care of her, and that she loved her as much as her own children.

Policemen have ruled out foul play, but they will still be charging Janna’s uncle with negligent homicide because of her death.

Source: news.abs-cbn.com

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