Spice things up with a weekly sex date!

Spice things up with a weekly sex date!

Has your marriage gotten boring? Get things hot again and have a weekly sex date!

Let's be honest, aside from open communication and time spent together, one of the things that keeps a marriage solid is the physical and intimate aspect of it, sex. Not only does it foster an emotional and physical bond between the couple, but it also keeps a third party from getting into the picture. But what happens when you've been married for quite a while and have fallen into a routine? Sometimes you're so tired from work that when you get home, you'd rather go to bed to sleep than do anything else. Here's something that you might want to try to put the spice back in your marriage: have a weekly sex date.

Weekly Sex Date Tip 1: Set the Day

First thing you want to do, is set the day for when you want to "get it on" with your spouse. This way, no matter how draining the week may be, there will always be something to look forward to. Also, it allows you to block out that time or evening so that you don't schedule overlapping activities.

Weekly Sex Date Tip 2: Dress the Part 

Ladies, if you want to feel sexy and charged up on your intimate date, indulge yourself and dress the part! Put on a sexy outfit, spritz on some perfume, fix up the room, and perhaps you could set the tone with candles and music, either way, do what you know will turn your husband on! Let your imagination and creativity, among other things, run wild on your special night.

Weekly Sex Date Tip 3: Get your Partner Excited

There are a lot of activities that you can do to entice your partner. Perhaps you could give each other sensual massages or go through some sensual books, such as the Kamasutra, together. Play small games meant to get you excited or to give your partner pleasure, and remember, as long as both are you feeling good, then it doesn't matter HOW you do it, because as long as you both feel good, you're getting a job well done.

Do yourself and play around with the dates and remember, you don't have to wait until your date night to have a good round of weekly sex! Little things that'll spice up your marriage will go a long way and will make both you and your spouse incredibly happy.

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