101 baby names that will be popular in 2020

101 baby names that will be popular in 2020

If you haven't made up your mind on the name, we're here to help you out. Here are the 101 baby names for 2020 and the corresponding meanings.

Are you about to have a baby or are planning on having one? If you haven't made up your mind on the name, we're here to help you out. Here are the 101 baby names for 2020 and the corresponding meanings.

There is a trend right now of using old names but putting a little twist to it. Also, you might find some of them familiar as they were from famous TV shows and movies that have become part of pop culture.

101 Baby names for 2020!


Abigail - Father's joy
Adalee - God is my refuge
Amelia - Industrious and striving
Aria - Treasure
Aubrey - Fair ruler of the little people
Aurora - Dawn
Ava - Life
Avery - Ruler of the elves
Camila - Young ceremonial attendant
Charlotte - Petite
Chloe - Blooming
Claire - Bright or clear
Cora - Maiden
Dani - God will judge
Dream - Cherished aspiration
Elizabeth - My God is abundance
Ella - Beautiful fairy woman
Ellaria - Beautiful
Emily - Industrious and striving
Emma - Whole, universal
Harper - Harp player
Hazel - From the name of the color
Isabella - Devoted to God
Isla - Island
Layla - Night
Leia - Lioness
Lillian - Purity and beauty
Lily - Pure, passion and rebirth
Luna - Moon
Madison - Mad's son
Meaghan - Pearl
Mia - Dear, darling
Mila - Gracious, dear
Natalie - Christmas day
Nora - Light, honor
Nori - Belief
Oaklyn - Strong, beautiful and trustworthy
Olenna - Shining light
Palmer - Pilgrim
Riley - Valiant
Saint - Holy and virtuous
Scarlett - Brilliant red
Skylar - Noble scholar
Sophia - Wisdom, skill
Stella - Star
Stormi - Storm
Victoria - Victory
Violet - Purple
Wendy - Fair-skinned, blessed
Yara - Water lady, small butterfly
Zoey - Life


Aiden - Little fire
Alexander - Defender and protector of man
Andrew - Manly and brave
Archie - Genuine, bold and brave
Axel - Father of peace
Baker - To dry by heat
Carter - Transport goods by cart
Christopher - Bearing Christ
Daniel - God is my judge
David - Beloved
Dylan - Son of the wave
Elijah - My God is Yahweh
Ethan - Enduring, strong and long-lived
Eugene - Well born
Gabriel - God is my strength
Genesis - The beginning
Gus - Worthy of respect
Henry - Home ruler
Isaac - He laughs
Jack - God is gracious
Jacob - To follow
James - One who follows
Jayden - Thankful
Joseph - He will add
Joshua - God is my salvation
Julian - Youthful
Kai - Sea
Kairo - Mars
Kylo - Sky
Levi - Joined, attached
Liam - Helmet of will
Lincoln - Roman colony at the pool
Logan - Hollow
Lucas - Bright, shining
Luke - Light giving
Magnus - Great
Mason - One who works with stone
Mateo - Gift of God
Matthew - Gift of Yahweh
Maverick - Independent
Michael - Who is like God?
Noah - Rest, repose
Oliver - Fruitful, beautiful and dignified
Samuel - God heard
Sebastian - Venerable
Stark - Firm, unyielding
Theodore - God given
Thor - Thunder
Watson - Son of Walter
William - Resolute Protector

Sources: Good Housekeeping, She Knows, Baby Name Wizard

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