Is it bad if your child touches his private parts?

Is it bad if your child touches his private parts?

You've probably seen your child touch their private parts at one point or another. And sometimes kids can start to develop a fascination with their genitals. But is it really a bad thing if your child does that? Read on to learn more!

At one point or another, you'll notice your little one become more and more curious about his private parts. But is it a bad thing if your child touches his private parts? What should moms and dads do about it?

It's normal for kids to be curious

Seeing your little boy touch his penis or even showing it to other people can be alarming for adults. But the thing is, little kids are pretty oblivious when it comes to the concept of "private parts" especially since they're still discovering new things everyday.

In fact, it's pretty normal if a child touches his private parts - it is just a phase. Kids are not just exploring their own bodies, they're also curious about the bodies of other people as well.

This is especially true for little boys and girls who have yet to find out the difference between being male and being female.

It's not sexual in nature

For adults, watching kids touch their private parts, or even touch another child's private parts can be alarming. But, it is important to know that there's no sexual meaning behind what they're doing. This exploration is purely a result of their curiosity.

According to Deborah M. Roffman, a human-sexuality educator and author, "Her experiments may look like play to you, but they're actually serious study."

Boys also tend to have a more exhibitionist approach when it comes to these things. It's not uncommon to see little boys running around naked, or showing their private parts to people.

What steps should parents take if a child touches his private parts?

The most important thing that parents should remember is to never scold when a child touches his private parts, or make them feel bad about their curiosity.

If your little boy has a habit of taking his pants off, then don't make a big deal out of it. You can teach your child to not do it in public, since that type of behavior is only okay at home.

If your child's behavior is making you or other people uncomfortable, then it's okay to tell them to do those things in private. Make sure to explain why those things should be done in private, and avoid making your child feel ashamed.

Your child should develop a healthy attitude about their body, and not feel ashamed or afraid. Encouraging a healthy curiosity while teaching your child proper behavior is key to helping them learn more about their body and about their sexuality once they grow older.


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