6 Important design features of a childproofed home

6 Important design features of a childproofed home

Safety in the home is always of utmost priority. Here is a list of the most significant features that make a house ideal for your growing children.

The home is supposed to be the only place in the world where your family feels safest. However, it is also in this same haven that your growing children are exposed to potential hazards that could lead to serious injuries.

While you cannot stop your children from feeding their curiosity and exploring every corner, there are safety measures that childproof your home and keep it a safe environment. If you are just about to purchase a house for the family—and have growing children to keep in mind—it might be useful to look out for these design features before sealing the deal.

Open floor plan

This type of layout means that the living room, dining room, and kitchen share one space instead of having walls separating each. An open floor plan is particularly beneficial when you have younger children, as it allows you to cook meals or work on household chores while keeping an eye on the kids. This saves you the hassle of having to transfer from one room to another just to ensure the safety of your children, thereby promoting multitasking and productivity. The open floor plan also makes for a more expansive area, giving your children the freedom to run around and play.

6 Important design features of a childproofed home

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Stairs with handrails

Make sure that the stairs in the home you are about to purchase are properly lit and have solid handrails on either side, so your children can hold onto them while going up or down. If possible, avoid staircases with banisters spaced too wide. To further childproof the stairs, you may opt to install baby gates when your kids begin to crawl and walk.

CCTV cameras

While CCTV cameras are commonly installed in commercial premises, it doesn’t hurt to have one at home, as the security system gives you peace of mind both when you are in the house or out working. Aside from allowing you to monitor your children and keep track of all their activities for the day, a CCTV camera also discourages your house helpers or any stranger from any wrongdoings. If available, night vision CCTV cameras are even more ideal for 24/7 security.

High cabinets

Having high cabinets to store glass kitchenware and knives, as well as medicine and cleaning products, is helpful in ensuring the safety of your children. The recommended height is anywhere above your child’s head. Should you prefer to use low cabinets or kitchen counters with drawers, make sure that they are equipped with childproof latches.

6 Important design features of a childproofed home

photo courtesy of OPPEIN

Smoke detectors

Functioning smoke detectors are one of the most important safety devices to have in the home. It is recommended that you install them in every room, hallway, and stairway. An accidental fire can actually arise from lighted candles, an unattended iron, faulty outlets or appliances. It might also be a good idea to have at least one fire extinguisher in the house, kept handy in the kitchen.

Secured windows

Before moving in, check if the sliding windows or double-hung windows have working locks. As an additional precaution, it’s still advisable to use window guards, which are grill-type protectors that can easily be opened in case of emergencies. Further lessen your worries by opting for window stops that allow you to control a window’s opening size.

Keeping these items in check when looking for the best property for your family will help you raise your child in a safe environment but ultimately, the best precaution is proper guidance.

About the author: Cy Yambao is a guest contributor from ZipMatch.com, a real estate marketplace for home seekers and property sellers.

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