9 of the dirtiest things your kids come into contact with every day!

9 of the dirtiest things your kids come into contact with every day!

Your kid gets up close and personal with a host of health risks, from dirty floors to kitchen counters. So it's important to be thorough when keeping your home germ free. Ahead, we list 9 of the germiest objects and areas in the house we often overlook when cleaning!

Touch is a special way kids relate to the world. It’s how they explore and immerse themselves in new experiences. They play with their hands; they often even eat with their hands.  They enjoy bathing and cleaning up — some more than others!

Not only are these tactile experiences fun, they’re also memorable ways to share great moments with mom and dad. But even the most fascinating things in the eyes of a child can carry health threats. Germs can hide just about anywhere and they can cause illnesses — cough and colds, skin infections, diarrhea, cavities, pneumonia, flu, and chickenpox, just to name a few. These conditions can interfere with their enjoyment of childhood and, of course, cause parents plenty of stress.

One way of eliminating germs in your home in order to protect life’s important moments is to know where they like to lurk. Here are just some of the hotspots in the home where germs can hide:

1. Sinks

Though commonly used for washing hands, sinks can be a breeding ground for microbes. The kitchen sink, in particular, can be a hiding place for illness-causing bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. To keep it clean, wash sinks with bleach and water at least once a day, making sure that the solution runs down the drain for thorough cleaning.

2. Faucet Knobs

Because you can’t exactly wash your hands without turning on the faucet first, bacteria — like mold and infection-causing microbes — can collect on faucet knobs over time. When washing your sink with bleach, don’t forget to give your knobs a good rub down, too. Just like drain pipes, your faucet knobs can gather up moisture over time making it a perfect place for bacteria to build up.

3. Kitchen Counters

Whether they’re made of wood or tile, kitchen counters gather up moisture and bacteria during food preparation. And this could threaten your family’s health. In the same way you wash dishes after every meal, make sure to clean the surfaces of your kitchen, too!

4. Refrigerator handles

Aside from the obvious ones like cutting boards or food preparation surfaces, one of the most overlooked and dirtiest spots in the kitchen are refrigerator handles. Not only do they yellow over time, they can accumulate bacteria with each day that passes. Use a rag or brush to clean the surface and corners of refrigerator handles with water and bleach.

5.Shoes and Shoelaces

Teaching kids to tie their shoelaces should also come with educating them about how their shoes and laces are some of the dirtiest things they touch daily. Wash or scrub shoes regularly with bleach or detergent to make sure each step your kids take is towards good health!

 6. Toothbrush Holder

Another everyday tool meant to clean that can be a hiding place for harmful germs is your toothbrush holder. Think about it: when was the last time you cleaned it? They house one of the most commonly used and dirtiest things kids touch. And yet they often go unnoticed when it comes to cleaning the home.

Use bleach to clean toothbrush holders and soap and water for toothbrushes. The American Dental Association recommends air-drying toothbrushes and keeping them in open containers, separate from one another, to prevent cross-contamination.

7. Bathtubs

You might not see it until you drain the tub, but gunk and bacteria can accumulate at the bottom of the tub and inside the drains even after one luxurious bath! Make sure you clean and bleach it thoroughly after each soak, no matter how short your bath was.

8. Bathtime Toys

Yes, they’re pretty much soaked in soap and water most of the time, but this doesn’t mean they’re clean! Make sure you scrub bathtime toys often to keep playtime safe. Rubber duckies, in particular, can contain potentially pathogenic bacteria, research finds.

dirtiest things kids touch

9. Toilet Seats

Whether you’re using a booster seat or potty training your little one directly, the toilet seat is one of the dirtiest surfaces kids come into contact with daily. So make sure to clean it daily!

Making sure your child stays healthy and happy means protecting them from the invisible threats of germs in your own home. So how exactly can you protect your kids?

The most effective way is  sanitising the objects they use the most and making sure the areas they come into contact with are consistently cleaned. You can do this, while  keeping the entire home germ free, by using a safe and effective bleach that kills all known germs.

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