5 Things to remember when dealing with first day of school meltdowns

5 Things to remember when dealing with first day of school meltdowns

Do you struggle dealing with your little one's tantrums when you drop her off at a school? Here's how to make it easier!

First tip: Don't panic.

It's natural for preschoolers to throw tantrums on their first day of school.

Experiencing separation anxiety is a natural part of their development.

As early as her toddler years, your child may already fear being separated from you. When left alone, they often scream, cry, and throw often uncontrollable fits.

By the time they turn 3 years old, they begin to observe how their tantrums affect their parent's behavior. Healthychilren.org advises parents not to give in too easily to a child's pleading.

Here are tips to handle tantrums on the first day of school

Consistency is key

Continue explaining why you need to be apart, instead of balking and giving in to their tantrums, which would only confuse them.

5 Things to remember when dealing with first day of school meltdowns

Bring a comfort object

It would also help to bring a comfort object, like a stuffed toy or blanket, to help ease the separation.


Don't forget to smile reassuringly, reminds WhatToExpect.com, as this does wonders in influencing your little one's mood.

Be there, but give them space

Some preschools actually allow parents to stay in the classroom, but be careful not to overdo it. Do not hover and give them space to adjust. Keep goodbyes short and sweet, and be specific about when you will return.

Practice being apart

In the weeks leading up to your separation, you can start practicing being apart. For instance, leave them with grandma, or at the house of a trusted friend for a playdate. This way, your child becomes used to being away from you, while slowly learning to trust you when you promise to return.

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