How do cheating men decide on the women they cheat with?

How do cheating men decide on the women they cheat with?

We take a look inside the minds of men who cheat, and how they choose the person that they decide to cheat with.

People who cheat have various reasons as to why they do the things that they do. And most of the time, people think that men who cheat just do it on a whim, without any rhyme or reason. However, that's not exactly the case.

They admitted to being unhappy with their relationship

survey was conducted on 1300 men and women, and it was found that about 400 men admitted that they have cheated on their partner.

27% of the men who admitted to cheating said that the reason why they cheated was that they're unhappy with their relationship and then chose to have a side relationship with a close friend. While 23% of those men said that they would cheat with a stranger that they met in a bar or on a trip.

Additionally, 44% of the men surveyed have cheated on their partner, and 55% have had thoughts of cheating on their partner.

The results are surprising

The results of the survey are surprising to say the least, since it shows that a large percentage of men have cheated on their partner, or have at one point, thought about cheating on their partner.

It's also important to note that majority of the cheaters admitted to cheating on their spouse with a friend, which means that they didn't simply look for someone to have sex with, they're looking for an emotional attachment since they're not happy with their current relationship.

That's why it's very important for both the man and the woman to create an environment for their marriage wherein both of them are happy with each other. Most men who cheat do what they do because they feel unfulfilled in their marriage. This isn't to say that it's the wife's fault, but in a marriage, both parties should make a constant effort to improve their relationship and to do the best that they can to make their spouse feel loved and cared for.


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