Burger party: McDonald's, Jollibee, and Burger King

Burger party: McDonald's, Jollibee, and Burger King

Celebrating your kid's birthday soon? Check out everything you need to know about the McDonald's party package and don't stress yourself out.

Planning a party is costly and stressful especially if you're starting from scratch. You would need to think about the theme, the venue, the food, and any other additional stuff you'd want to add. Luckily, you could get all you'll need in a party from the McDonald's party package. That is why we prepared this article, to aid you in your quest in celebrating your party. These are all you'll need to know about the McDonald's party package.

First of all, their party fee is just for P2,000. That fee includes the venue, theme, host, games, 30 party amenities (invitations, party hats and activity traymats), 30 balloons, 30 game prizes, 10 guest giveaways and a special gift from McDonald's to the celebrant.

McDonald's party package: Venue

Nowadays, many McDonald's branch have their own party rooms. You can definitely find one near you whether be it in a mall or a free-standing store.

With just a minimum of 30 guests, one can book their own party. But do take note that the maximum number of guests would depend on the capacity of the branch's party room.

To check out the complete list of branches with party rooms and their corresponding capacity, click here.


When it comes to the theme, McDonald's got you covered. you can choose from the 5 themes that they have prepared.

  • Ronald and the Gang  - This is an all-star theme for the fans of the gang. It features McDonald's, Grimace, Birdie and Hamburglar.
  • Happy - Happy is an all new character from McDonald's whose main goal is to bring happiness to children.
  • Barbie - Famous to little girls, Barbie paints the party pink and would make the girly girls enjoy the best of life.
  • Hot Wheels - Boys will have a fun time in the Hot Wheels theme as they see the cool cars posted everywhere.
  • Thomas & Friends - It's the blue little engine, Thomas. Together with his friends, he makes sure the children have some quality responsible fun.

One of the things in a party that brings the price up is the food. That doesn't change here but luckily, it wouldn't cost as much if you would go for a buffet. McDonald's already have 4 different meal packages you can choose from:

  • Food Mix 1 (Php 125/guest) - McSpaghetti, Regular Fries, Sundae & Regular Drink
  • Food Mix 2 (Php 195/guest) - 1pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti, Regular Fries, Sundae and Regular Drink
  • Food Mix 3 (Php 131/guest) - McSpaghetti, Sundae, Regular Drink and a Happy Meal Toy
  • Food Mix 4 (Php 208/guest) - 1pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti, Sundae, Regular Drink and a Happy Meal Toy

If you would want to customize the meal package, you may do this by coordinating with the party planner from McDonald's. You can also add a la carte food items like sundae, apple pie, burger McDo and regular fries.


Besides the games, the appearance of whichever character is one of the most fun for the kids. Not to worry because this also comes for free with the McDonald's party fee. You may choose from Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie, depending on availability. This will be discussed with the party planner.

Sadly, Ronald McDonald himself cannot be requested for the birthday party. But don't lose hope, there are times that he pass by stores on weekends.

Games & prizes

There would be no need to come up with games for everyone to enjoy. The host already would have a line-up of games they could play in your party. You could also ask them to come up with games if, let's say, there are mostly adults in your children's party.

The prizes, as said above, are included in the party fee. There 30 game prizes sure are a lot but you could also request to add some more for an additional price. These prizes would depend on the theme that would be chosen


No party would be complete without a cake. With this one, you may choose to bring your own or order your personalized birthday cake from McDonald's. You can choose from an 8x12 inches for P650 or a 12x16 inches for P1,050. The cake would also go with the theme chosen for the party.

Do keep in mind that if you decide to bring your own cake, it may not be served to the guests.


There are some add-ons in parties nowadays to make it more eventful. Some of these are photobooths, photographers, videographers, face painting areas, magic shows, and puppet shows. McDonald's have a list of accredited suppliers for these add-ons but you could also choose to get your own.


Sample computation

Let's see how much it would cost for a basic party for a 50 pax party.

Item Price
Party Fee
  • Venue
  • Host
  • Invitations
  • Party hats
  • Activity traymats
  • Balloons
  • Game prizes
  • Giveaways
  • Mascot
  • Theme
P 2,000
Food mix 1 (125/guest) P 6,250
Cake (8x12 inches for P650) P 650
Total P 8,900


Wherever you choose to celebrate your party, we're here to help you out. If you have any further questions about the McDonald's party package, you could also email your inquiries at [email protected]

Jollibee party package

Ever considered having a Jollibee party package? From the decorations to the food, they’ll do it for you!

Party Themes: Jollitown, Jollirace, Jollibee’s FUN-tastic Factory, Hello Kitty

Party Food Package: Starts as low as P161-P236 for in-store party and P89-P164 for outside party or you can create your own food package for a minimum of 30 guests.

  • Menu for P161 Food Package (in-store): Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries, Regular Softdrink, Sundae
  • Menu for P89 Food Package (out-store): Jolly Spaghetti, Peach Mango Pie, Sunkist

Theme Favors Party Fee: P1,500 for in-store party and P2,000 for outside party

Party Fee includes: Jollibee Mascot appearance, 30 name tags, 30 balloons, 15 assorted game prizes, 15 party hats, 15 invitation cards, 15 trayliners, 5 boxes of crayons, 1 message board


Theme favor: P7 (party hat + trayliner, invitation card, and name tag)

Jollibee Party Lootbags: P60 each

Jollibee Party Cake: (8 x12inches is P900, 12×12inches is P1,100)

Additional Mascot: P1000 Per mascot for 30 minutes appearance

You can also get P200 rebate if you spend P10,000 using your Happy Card Plus. Please be advised that Jollibee Kiddie Store Party is only available in chosen Jollibee branches only. You can visit their site to check via Store Finder tool the list of stores that offers Jollibee party packages.

Check the nearest store for more info.

Burger King Party Package

Party Theme: Burger King Crown

Party Fee: For P10,000.00 worth of meals, part of the restaurant is open as party venue and you can do DIY or optional P3,000.00 for BK party amenities

Party Package: 15 friends package comes with: crowns, kids club boxes (without toy),15 single serve ice cream cones, 5 regular whopper® with cheese combos, 1 bag of ricolino sweets, 1 kit with party napkins and stickers, 1 bag of balloons,12 pinta ‘caritas’, 3 hour event, 1 host and decorated area

Food Package: Starts as low as P154 up to P284 per pax or you ca try their squad bundles good for 4 that starts from P289 to P499 per bundle

New Kids Menu: Kids Chicken Nuggets (6pcs) or Cheeseburgers or Chicken Burger and Ice Cream

Check the nearest store for more info.

Source: McCelebrations, Burger King

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