Party organizers charged for the drug overdose deaths

Party organizers charged for the drug overdose deaths

A complaint has been filed against the organizers of a party concert last year which allegedly caused the deaths of 5 people from an overdose.

The NBI filed a complaint against 13 people, including the organizers of the ill-fated "Close-Up Forever Summer" concert party, which was blamed for the deaths of 5 people from a drug overdose.

They violated an article in the Revised Penal Code

They recommended the prosecution of the said individuals since based on the NBI's investigation, they violated article 354 Criminal Negligence Revised Penal Code in relation to article Sections 31 and 45 of the corporation code of the Philippines.

The complaint was filed against the following individuals:

  • Rohit Jawa –  Indian national, Chairman and CEO of the Unilever Philippines
  • Jesus Canlapan – Manager for Workplace Services
  • Alberto Curnelius Trinidad Tiu – Marketing Director for Close-Up
  • Joy Dalanon Ocampo – Country Manager for Safety Health and Environment Philippines
  • Melissa Alcayaga – Procurement Manager
  • Bea Lagdameo – Close-Up Assistant Brand Manager
  • Michelle Suzanne Claire Quntana Buan – President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Anna Kristina Doctolero Eguaras –  Project Manager
  • Baby Majalia Ahamadul – Senior Accounts Manager of Activations Advertising Inc.
  • Reginald Soriano Mejia
  • Eduardo Muego
  • John Paul Demotano – President HypeHouse Production Corporation
  • Alexis Engelberto Aragon Jimenez – Owner Delirium Manpower Services

The NBI said that these individuals were a part of the deliberation for the final security plan of the event last May 22.

The autopsy showed that they had ecstasy in their systems

The 5 individuals who sadly died from a drug overdose include Bianca Fontejon Cabochan, 18;  Kenichi Miyagawa Labugen, 18; Ariel Leal Dolormente; businessman Lance Garcia, 36; and American citizen Eric Miller.

According to the initial findings by te medico legal, Fontejon and Garcia both died because of heart attacks. However, the later autopsy and toxicology tests found that the active ingredients of the drug ecstasy have been found in their systems.

What parents should know about 'party drugs'

Ecstasy is one of the most commonly abused drugs among teenagers and young adults. Ecstasy is also referred to as a party drug because it makes partygoers feel good, and lets them go on partying for days without resting.

It's usually found in pill form, but in some cases, they're also snorted.

Ecstasy can be very deadly, as it can cause seizures, overheating, muscle breakdown, kidney, liver, and heart damage, and may even cause a heart attack. This is why parents should be wary about the people that their children surround themselves with as well as the places that they go to.

It's important to have an open line of communication with your children so that if they have any problems, or are being pressured to take drugs, they can always turn to you for advice. Being close to your child can also ensure that they listen to your advice more often, and that they will be more careful with themselves in the future.

The most important thing that parents can do to combat drug abuse would be to talk to their kids about drug use, and the negative effects that it can have not only on their children's health, but also the impact on their future as a whole.


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