Pharmacy gives little girl "Monster Spray" to use before bedtime

Pharmacy gives little girl "Monster Spray" to use before bedtime

What happens when a little girl tells you she can't sleep because she's afraid of the dark? This pharmacy gave "monster spray" to scare the monsters away!

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What happens when you work at a pharmacy and find out that a cute little 6-year-old girl has had trouble sleeping because she’s afraid of the dark? You prescribe her “monster spray” to scare away the monsters, of course!

That’s exactly what the good people of Barrett Pharmacy, North Dakota, U.S.A. did. They even gave her directions as to how to use the “monster spray”.

“Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary,” the prescription reads. The small bottle includes 120 sprays and the prescription allows for one refill.

So, is the “monster spray” effective? Yes, it is! The girl came back several days later to report that she’s been sleeping much better.

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