8 Things that most parents unconsciously lie about

8 Things that most parents unconsciously lie about

Almost all parents have at one point, lied to their kids. However, it's best to not make it into a habit since your child might think it's okay to lie.

Everyone lies, it's just a part of being human. But for parents, it's important to make sure to teach honesty to your children. And what better way to teach them than by setting a good example.

Sometimes, however, parents unconsciously lie about some things, so here's a handy list to help make sure you can always be honest with your kids.

1. "Be good, or Santa won't give you presents!"

Sometimes, parents use the myth of Santa Claus in order to make their kids do good deeds or not be naughty, for fear of not getting their presents.

However, this isn't good for your child since one day, they will have to face the fact that Santa's not real, and they will be very disappointed not only because Santa's not real, but because you lied to them.

2. "Nothing bad will happen to you"

As much as parents don't want anything bad to happen to their children, it's impossible for any parent to completely protect their children from any bad thing that can happen to them.

Being disappointed is a normal part of life, and children should understand that it's okay for bad things to happen. That's just how life is.

3. "Oh, McDonald's is closed"

This is a common excuse that parents use if their child is insistent on eating at a certain restaurant, or if their kid wants to go somewhere such as the park. Instead of telling them that it's closed, just tell them outright why you're not able to take them to that place.

It can take a bit of explaining, but they will understand.

4. "It won't hurt"

If your child needs to get a vaccine, then it's best to be honest and tell them that it might sting. It won't hurt as bad as they think it would, but it's not painless.

5. "You're the best!"

You might think that your child is the best at what they do, but chances are, someone else might be better than them when it comes to doing those things.

But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't encourage your child, it simply means that you need to be realistic and encourage your child to constantly improve themselves.

6. "It's your bedtime!"

If it's an hour before your child's bedtime, and you want them to get ready, don't tell them that it's time for bed. It's better to tell them that they need to get ready for bed.

How you say things can make a big difference. This might seem like a little thing, but for your child, it's a big difference.

7. "It will only take a minute"

If you're going to leave your child at a relative's house, or leaving them in the car to do some errands (which you shouldn't actually do in the first place), don't tell them that it will take a minute if in reality it's going to take a while.

Set your child's expectations, and be honest with them.

8. "We're leaving without you"

A lot of parents tell this to their kids so that they hurry, since they're going somewhere.

It's best to not use this tactic since you really won't leave the house without or child. Instead, give them consequences such as if they're not ready within the next 5 minutes, they won't be able to watch TV later in the day. Be realistic, and make sure to follow through with the consequences.

Source: lifehack.org

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