One mother urges other moms to be wary of meningococcemia

One mother urges other moms to be wary of meningococcemia

One mother shares the story of how her beloved daughter suddenly came down with an inexplicable disease, and how her daughter managed to survive.

Mother Nana Eugenio Olaivar shared the story of how her beloved daughter almost died after a bout of meningococcemia.

She also urges other moms and dads to be more aware of this disease, so that they can know the signs to watch out for.

How did her daughter come down with meningococcemia?

According to Nana, it all started last March 17, 2018. She shared that her daughter's fever was on and off, but they paid it no mind since she was still able to go to school even if she had a fever.

Since her fever still wasn't abating, they decided to take her daughter, Ian to the doctor for a check-up. The hospital also conducted lab tests on her, but the results were negative.

Later that evening, her fever went up to 39.7 degrees, and Ian was seemingly unconscious because of the high fever.

Soon after, she was taken to the ICU

On March 18, Ian was once again taken to the hospital since her condition was getting even worse. They took her to a community hospital, but the hospital no longer had any available rooms, so they decided to transfer her to another hospital.

There, she was taken to an isolation room, and then finally to a private room. In the evening, her daughter became totally unconscious, and at 3am, her doctors said that she had to undergo an ECG, and that she needed oxygen.

An hour later, she was admitted to the ICU.

They said that her daughter might go blind

On March 19, the doctor told Nana that her daughter's ailment might be meningococcemia.

Nana shared that her daughter had a number of close calls, and her blood pressure went down to 70/50. The doctors even told her daughter's illness could cause her to lose her vision, which made Nana worry even more about her beloved daughter.

But amazingly, after a week of being unconscious, Ian suddenly woke up, and was also able to see. Since then, she has now fully recovered, and is back to her old self.

Nana also reminds parents to make sure that their kids are always clean, and to avoid letting their children come in contact with sick people.



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