Are you annoyed by your spouse? It's actually a good sign!

Are you annoyed by your spouse? It's actually a good sign!

Finding your spouse annoying is actually a sign of a good and healthy relationship. Find out exactly why, here!

Couples strive to live harmoniously, avoiding conflict as much as possible. But did you know that tension, and even annoyances, can actually be good things?

Irritation can even mean that you’re in a healthy, loving relationship. Here’s why.

1. Being annoyed means you’re comfortable with one another

No longer do you feel the need to present your “best self,” because you know that your spouse can handle who you truly are, even when you’re acting out. You both no longer feel the need to filter your words or behavior too much and you don’t take each other, or yourselves, too seriously.

Take celebrity couple Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico, for instance. Nico constantly plays pranks on his gorgeous wife, who he endearingly calls his “wifezilla.” They’re not afraid to be silly and to openly make fun of each other. But, at the heart of it, you can still tell it comes from a place of love.

Are you annoyed by your spouse? It's actually a good sign!

photo: Solenn Heusaff instagram

2. But it also means you’re not overly comfortable

Though constant annoyance and irritation can also be signaling a deeper problem, it can often mean you still care and that you still feel deeply for your partner. Finding certain behavior annoying can mean that you’re not too complacent neither are you no longer emotionally invested in the relationship. Feeling frustrated means you still love your partner and value your relationship so much so that you get upset because of situations that might cause conflicts to arise.

3. Annoying behavior signals you’re secure in your relationship

You’ve reached that level of comfort wherein you know that your partner will stick with you through times when your behavior or mannerisms irk them. Of course, this devotion should not be abused. But it can be comforting to know you can fully be your annoying self and they’ll accept you, still.

Not liking each other at times doesn’t mean the love is no longer there.

Are you annoyed by your spouse? It's actually a good sign!

photo: Solenn Heusaff instagram

4. Annoyances provide chances for growth and improvement

Life’s little annoyances can actually serve a higher purpose and it can make your relationship better. Ask yourself: What annoys me about my partner? Look deeper at the root of it all to see if there is any issue that’s worth addressing.

For instance, is your partner constantly interrupting you? It may mean you have a problem with communication that you need to sort out in order to relate better to one another.

In this way, annoyance can bring about lasting change and even make your marriage stronger.

It’s important to note that annoyance shouldn’t always be seen as purely a good thing. These insights are in no way justifying annoying your partner, but it’s more of a reassurance that you will be irritated by one another at some point in your relationship, but it’s ultimately up to you, as a couple, to channel it into good.

sources: Time, Woman’s Day, Psychology Today

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