Mom-approved secrets to better bonding with your kids

Mom-approved secrets to better bonding with your kids

Nothing will make kids more secure and successful in life than a mother’s love — one thing that only YOU can give them. Cultivate and enhance that special bond you have with your little one with these mom-approved tips.

Moms play a special role in a child’s life. You try to give your little one so many things, like toys, nice clothes, healthy food, and special classes. But what he really needs is you — your time, your attention, and your love.

It’s not just hearsay or warm sentiment; science backs these truths. Studies show that well-rounded kids are mostly those who experience constant parental love. In fact, even the little things, like eating with your child, matter. Research shows that students who do not regularly eat with their parents are more likely to skip classes and perform poorly in school as a result. Quality (and quantity) time with your kids impact how they turn out as adults. When your kids grow up, the things they will remember the most are the times they spent with you.

So how do we, as moms, give this to our kids?

We want the very best for our kids. But the demands on our time — and our sanity! — are considerable. We have to juggle our work with taking care of our children, cleaning the house, cooking meals, doing laundry, doing the dishes, doing homework with the kids, spending time with the husband, exercising… the list just keeps growing. Moms have to find a way to be creative in making their time with the kids special and more meaningful.

Don’t worry, moms. It’s possible. These four mom-approved tips for better bonding will make your moments with your children more meaningful and filled with love only a mother can give.Mom-approved secrets to better bonding with your kids

1. Go on Mall Dates – They’ve Got It All for You

Going to the mall may seem like the most ordinary thing to do, but doing this together can be a good time to deepen your relationship with your kids. For starters, it kills two birds with one stone. You get to spend time together and run some errands. If you’re feeling generous, you can take your kids shopping, too! Even if you’re stuck in traffic or a grocery line together, make it count as quality and  quantity time.

Engage your little one with silly games or difficult, open-ended questions (Who’s your least favorite teacher and why? Why did Thanos want to kill half the universe?). It is these small moments that your child will take with him as he grows up, more than any shopping expedition. Best of all, this most ordinary special time will allow both of you to understand each other better.Mom-approved secrets to better bonding with your kids

2. Organize Family Game Nights – Let the Little One Win

While video games are convenient, nothing beats good old-fashioned family game nights. You can choose from Monopoly or Charades or even Scrabble! It’s a win-win for everyone: you bond with your kids, you get to have fun with them, and they might emerge better property investors, actors, and spellers! But being a mom never stops, so maybe let them win sometimes. Or if you’re on the same team, go all out and take no prisoners!

Don’t forget to add that special Mommy touch: How about ham sandwiches made with Lady’s Choice and dollops of love? Or you can try other sandwich recipes. The choices for showing your love are practically endless.

Aside from the classic ham sandwich, you can prepare BLT sandwiches, crisp parmesan sandwiches, or chicken mayo sandwiches — all equally classic. Have your child spread the Lady’s Choice Meaty Spread on the bread as you prepare the other ingredients.

Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads come in four flavors: Chicken, Ham, Bacon, and Tuna. More variety means more ways for your family to enjoy great food. And if you have a picky eater, he can choose the flavor he likes best. With so many options in your mommy arsenal, your kids will definitely grow up remembering these special dishes – and these special moments spent with you.Mom-approved secrets to better bonding with your kids

3. Prepare Snacks Together – Laughter and Joy to Taste, Garnish with Tender Loving Care  

Moms, did you know that when you offer food to your kids, you are developing their empathy? Who knew? It may seem just like a natural thing for moms to do, but according to psychologists, offering food increases a child’s ability for interpersonal closeness.

But why stop there? Why not get your kids to prepare snacks with you? Not only will you get a little helper in the kitchen, you’ll also enhance your bonding experience, working together as a team and creating something special together.

Preparing snacks with your kids is especially useful because you can do this together with other bonding activities — you may prepare the food together and eat it while watching a TV show or as snacks for your game night!

While you’re at it, give your child that special, loving mommy touch and teach him what to do every step of the way. Guide him on how to slice veggies without cutting himself. Or teach him how to put Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads on sandwiches the perfect way.

Do remember to keep it simple. You don’t have to create a fancy dish every time. An egg and mayo cheese sandwich made with Lady’s Choice will do the trick! Or you can try cheese sticks with mayo dip, or an open-faced tuna sandwich made with Lady’s Choice Tuna Spread. They’re all hearty dishes that you probably grew up with yourself, prepared by your mom — maybe even with you as mom’s little kitchen helper. And now it’s your turn to share the love with your kids with the help of Lady’s Choice.Bonding activities for working moms and their children

4. Share a Meal, Nourish Them with Love

Eating with your kids is always fun, but it’s made even more special when you treat it as an avenue for discussion. Ask about their day, or pepper the meal with loving conversations, while enjoying homemade dishes with Lady’s Choice. Encourage them in their journey. Make sure they know that they are loved. They are sure to look forward to this mommy bonding moment every day!

Lady’s Choice has been helping mommies around the globe make every day more special for decades. Made with healthy oils, a rich blend of spices and real eggs, adding Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads to your daily snacks gives your family a touch of mommy love that makes it all the more special. Nothing shows real love more than real food, carefully prepared for the family. For more recipe inspirations made more special with Lady’s Choice, visit their website at

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