Budget prince charming

Budget prince charming

A quirky article on how to romance the woman you love without burning a hole in your pocket or being accused of being cheap!

Woo your lady and save money at the same time!

Woo your lady and save money at the same time!

Has the woman in your life ever commented that you never do anything nice for her? She has also probably remarked with dismay that you do not understand her needs. She is tired of you taking her out to Kopitiam or Banquet for a romantic dinner for the umpteenth time! You are at your wit’s end as to what to do. Is there an easy solution which will not require you to take up another job to fund your “Prince Charming” endeavours?

Fear not! All hope is not lost. Here are some easy (both on yourself and your wallet) suggestions for you to try out.

1)    Send her a romantic e card greeting online, preferably with music just to let her know you are thinking of her. You don’t have to wait until her birthday or your anniversary to do this. There are several websites which offer free e card greetings like Yahoo, Hallmark, Blue Mountain, egreetings.com and 123greetings.com. Their e cards are often witty, filled with romantic sentiments and mushy words that will definitely melt the heart of even the coldest “snow queen”.

2)    If she loves animals but does not have a pet, offer to accompany her to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) at 31 Mount Vernon Road and spend a day together as volunteers there. She will be touched by your dedication to support her interests and you will feel good for having helped the less fortunate four-legged creatures. Just remember to take your anti-allergy medication if you are allergic to animals.

3)    Write her love notes and place them in items that she normally uses. For example, in her wallet, in her handbag, in her compact powder, in her laptop or in the book that she is presently reading during her bus or MRT ride to work. You do not need to be William Shakespeare to win her heart. Simple words like “I’m thinking of you”, “I love your smile”, “I can’t wait to see you later” and “I love you” are sure winners!

4)    With so many new shopping centres like ION Orchard, Orchard Central, Iluma and City Square, she has an endless list of shops to visit when she needs retail therapy. Parking at such places can be expensive. The good thing is that these malls are easily accessible by MRT. Ensure that she has utmost comfort and ease to shop by carrying all her shopping bags, regardless of their weight and refrain from any complaints. At all times, make her feel special by being attentive. Resist the urge to run to the nearest electrical, computer or D.I.Y shop! Do remember to wear comfortable walking shoes as your woman is a “marathon runner” when it comes to shopping!

5)    On a rainy day, do all that it takes to keep her dry, even if it means getting yourself drenched to the bone, ruining your new leather shoes and soaking your car mat! Thankfully, there are many sheltered areas in Singapore and you can take this opportunity to have half an hour of catching up on her day while waiting for the rain to stop.

6)    Remember all her close friends’ names and what the latest hot topics are in each of their lives. Key the information in your Blackberry and catalogue them accordingly. Ask her about how “so and so” is doing and rehash what you remembered of her friend’s present dilemma. Raise this when she least expects it. Your woman will be so impressed when you take a genuine interest in her friends’ lives.

7)    Take up cooking, or at least, learn to cook one dish to perfection. It is preferable you find out what her favourite meal is first! Once you have mastered your culinary skill, cook the dish for her. Lay the table with candles and flowers. Do not forget the right choice of wine to go with the dish. You will definitely win a lot of brownie points if you pull this off with ease and finesse!

8)    At all times, resist the urge to offer solutions when she is talking about her problems at home, at work, with her friends or on anything else. A suggestion of a possible solution is only to be given when she asks for it. Even so, make sure you phrase it such that it is just a suggestion and not an order or instruction. No matter how tired or bored you are, pry your eyes open with virtual matchsticks and listen to her intently. She will be ever so grateful to you!

9)    Following on suggestion number 8, when you see that she does not like to tackle an annoying problem and she has asked you for a solution, do not hesitate in giving her the help that she needs. Call that plumber for her, speak to her noisy neighbour or update the anti-virus spyware in her computer for her. However, spare her the details of your tasks. Just do them quietly and stoically! A user friendly website to keep in mind when looking for service providers is

10)    Learn how to give a good neck and shoulder massage. You can always find a book on massages from any of the National Library branches. You can look up these books via their website <www.nlb.gov.sg/> under “Search Catalogue”. This will reap you benefits beyond comparison!

This woman who is the love of your life is an exquisite masterpiece. Take the time to appreciate her, to study her, to be in awe of her and to make her feel that there is no other woman in the world like her. Believe me, she is worth it!

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