Study: Your son's cells migrate to your brain in pregnancy

Study: Your son's cells migrate to your brain in pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your son's cells and DNA migrate to your brain.

Women have claimed an intuitive link with their children for centuries. Now science has discovered that in fact mother’s intuition might be real, after all. In particular, this connection seems to be strongest between mothers and sons. This link was recently discovered when scientists found that the living cells of sons resided in the brains of their mothers!

Study: Your son's cells migrate to your brain in pregnancy

Is there science in a mother’s intuition?

More than just Mother’s intuition: the connection between mother and son is real

A pregnant mother has more than just a physical bond with her baby. The unborn baby also has a psychological bond, depending on the mum-to-be for warmth, comfort and protection.

A recent study indicates that the attachment between a mother and her baby may persist after delivery.

The authors, who published the results in PLOS ONE, discovered that the foetal DNA and cells of unborn sons actually pass through the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier protects the brain from the entry of harmful substances. Clearly, a baby boy’s cells are not seen as harmful, and as a result, these cells live within the mother’s brain.

But it gets even more interesting. Apparently, the cells don’t settle in just one area. Scientists found that they were scattered all over the mum’s brain.

Research from the University of Washington confirmed that among their participants, 63% of mothers’ brains housed their son’s DNA.

The cells and DNA from their sons can remain with the mum throughout their life.

connection between mother and son

The study also suggests that the connection between mother and son lasts till old age. | Image Source: Stock Photos

Scientists are still researching on how exactly these “son cells” affect mums’ brains and thinking.

But outside of science, we think it’s why you know exactly what your child is doing even if he’s not around. It’s probably why you know when he’s hurt or anxious and needs you to comfort him. It could be the answer to that sixth sense mums have, and may lie at the heart of a “mother’s intuition” or that magical “mother-son” bond.

And mum’s of daughters, we haven’t forgotten you. While this research focusses only on a mother-son bond, there are studies that explain the deep connection between a mother and her daughter… stay tuned for it!

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Originally published by The Asian Parent Singapore

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