Father Dies Trying to Drive Pregnant Wife to the Hospital

Father Dies Trying to Drive Pregnant Wife to the Hospital

In an access of pure instinct, father rushes to drive pregnant wife to the hospital and dies in a horrible car accident

What could have been a happy day for the family ended in tragedy as a Coloradoan father who tried to get pregnant his wife to the hospital died in a car accident.

The tragedy happened when the car the victim was driving careened off the road, rolled down an embankment, and slammed against a boulder and tree.

The crash rendered both parent unconscious, broke the pregnant wife’s back, and killed the husband.

One of their sons, eleven-year-old Ryder, who was also in the vehicle was able to call 911 for help.

“He died trying to ensure the safe arrival of his son,” said Aaron Schmucker, the victim’s brother, “I look at his boys and think of all the things that Tony had told me he couldn't wait to do with them like hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and many other things.”

If it weren’t for Ryder’s good judgment, the family could have found themselves in a much more terrible scenario.

It is ideal then to teach our kids, even from a very young age, how to respond to emergencies. Even little things such as taping a list of emergency numbers on the fridge or a telephone could be the difference between life and death.

For parents who find themselves in emergency situations, it is crucial that they maintain a cool head and keep their composure.

Children instinctively react to their parents’ behavior, and in order to keep a situation under control, parents should be able to be a good example and be strong emotional foundations.

There is also no shame in asking our friends and families for help. Always make sure that they know your whereabouts and important details, so that if anything does not go as planned, there are people to whom you can turn.

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