Hello, Baby! Bye-bye, Puson! - 8 Ways to Flatten Your Post-pregnancy Belly Pooch

Hello, Baby! Bye-bye, Puson! - 8 Ways to Flatten Your Post-pregnancy Belly Pooch

Women have always had a hate-hate relationship with their belly pooch. We hate it before pregnancy, and we hate it even more after! If you're in your post-pregnancy stage and eager to get rid of that bump, here are 8 ways to do so.

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Can it possibly be this flat again? With the right exercise and a positive mind, you can!

The puson, or that bump in the lower abdomen (not of the beer or baby kind), is a tricky part of the body to flatten. I have seen people who are thin yet sport this bulge below a very flat stomach. So imagine trying to get rid of this post-pregnancy while attending to a demanding little person.

A long, long time ago, during a period of my life where I could not have even a thought about being a mother, I had a flat stomach and a non-existent puson. I could wear any cling-tight fabric and be worry-free. But I had the time then to go to the gym three times a week and I was on a low-carbohydrate diet.

Fast-forward to today and I am a mother to a toddler and still have an on and off battle with the dreaded puson. But fear not, there are ways to flatten the stomach pooch. It’s not for the lazy, though. As they say, if there is a will, there is a way to get rid of puson.

1. After birth, wear a belly binder.

Choose one that is wide enough to cover both the tummy and your puson. Make sure it has the right elasticity and breathability in order to survive in this humid, tropical country. I wore one that swore to bring my hips back to its former size. That one worked because I religiously wore it. In fact, I fit into my old jeans already.

2. Do lots and lots of leg lifts.

You have to exhaust your legs and let the lower abdominal muscle do the work. It is a pain but it targets the right area. Just lie down on a mat, put an exercise ball between your legs and do lifts without arching your back. Do not use momentum and instead focus on making sure your lower abdomen is activated.

3. Create a vision board of your old self without the puson.

If you’ve never had a flat belly, then look for a peg to serve as an inspiration (but make sure it is realistic to your body type). Look at it everyday. Let it be your motivation to get rid of that puson.

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Include baby in your post-natal exercises! Not only will you strengthen your body, but you strengthen your bond with baby as well.

4. Exercise with your child.

If you were thinking of using your little one as an excuse, then let me tell you that it is a lame one. You can exercise if you want to exercise. Find the time for it, preferably when your little one is active and will enjoy the lifting involved. You can actually do a whole body workout with your baby in tow!

5. Live a healthy life.

Along with the proper exercise, a balanced diet is important. Cut down on sugary and salty food and eat more fiber from fruits and vegetables. You can do all the leg lifts you want, but if you keep wolfing down junk food, don’t expect results. Remember that the high levels of sodium in unhealthy snacks and fast food will only make you look more bloated. That’s like adding insult to injury on your puson.

6. Suck it in and make it a habit.

You know how you try to make your belly appear smaller by sucking it in? It is possible to do activate your inner abdomen with the “stomach vacuum” exercise. It’s simply blowing out all the air from your lungs and sucking in the stomach for 10 seconds. Do it every time you remember it. In the long run, you’ll get so used to doing it that you’ll see your puson bulge no more!

7. If all else fails and you have the budget, then do it the lazy way.

Head on over to your neighborhood aesthetic center and schedule sessions for mesotherapy and radio frequency , two treatments that can target and melt away puson fat.

8. Lastly, give yourself some credit and don’t be in a hurry.

Your body just created this awesome, little life form that is the epitome of cuteness. Cut yourself some slack and don’t focus on your puson the moment you step out of the hospital. Trust that your puso is bigger than your puson. Love yourself mightily and give it some time before you battle the belly bulge.


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