READ: Jericho Rosales' response to 'Bakit hindi pa kayo nagkakaanak?'

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Jericho Rosales shares his side on why it's rude to ask couples "Bakit hindi pa kayo nagkakaanak?" Read on to find out more.

Jericho Rosales recently shared that it's rude to ask couples the question "Bakit hindi pa kayo nagkakaanak?"

Jericho Rosales: "We both wanna focus on our goals muna"

38-year-old Jericho, and his wife Kim, 30, have previously mentioned that they're not yet planning on starting a family anytime soon.

"She has dreams. I have dreams. We both wanna focus on our goals muna.

"Because having a baby just because tradition or culture says kailangan magka-baby na kayo, ang daming ano nun…

"What if you’re not ready? Mahihirapan yung bata. Look at how many kids are there na walang mga magulang, di ba?

"I’m not saying na pababayaan namin… But we’re just very, very careful, and we care about the future," Jericho shares.

He goes on, "But don't force things para walang complication."

The couple have a very modern relationship

Jericho adds that some people say, "Napakamoderno ng relationship niyo."

"Kasi, hindi lang naman kami ang natatanong ng ganyan, 'Bakit hindi pa kayo nagkakaanak?'

"It’s very rude. Parang, don't ask questions like that because you don’t know, for other couples, kung anong reason nila.

"But for us, I learned this from a friend, ‘You know, when you get married, yeah, you become one. But it doesn’t mean that you lose your dreams, you drop your goals.' Hindi, e.

"May kanya-kanya pa rin kayong journey, individual journey, and then you support each other.

"If this one is going that way, suportahan mo.

"Kung sabay kayo, e, di great. [But if] one is going down, iangat mo."

He also added that his marriage with Kim is stronger because they encourage each other to pursue their personal goals.

It's really amazing to see how Jericho and Kim aren't giving in to the pressure of being married and immediately trying to have a child. It's important for married couples to know that having a child is a big responsibility, and that couples should start a family in their own time.

There's really no "recommended" time to start a family, as it's really up to the couple to decide for themselves when they're ready.


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