Jessa Zaragoza suffers miscarriage, thanks daughter Jayda for helping her 'face trials'

Jessa Zaragoza suffers miscarriage, thanks daughter Jayda for helping her 'face trials'

"I’m just so thankful to the Lord na ako ang napili nya na maging nanay mo...."

When a woman loses a baby, no amount of words of comfort can suffice to take the pain away. But their loved ones can offer the emotional support they need, even if they can’t fully grasp the pain. For Jessa Zaragoza, this support came from her only daughter with husband Dingdong Avanzado, Jayda.

At the age of 15, Jayda showed just how mature she was for her age.

Keeping the Faith at a Young Age

In an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, the young singer shared how she helped her mom Jessa cope with a miscarriage.

“My dad and I were just there to reassure her,” she said in the interview. “There were times po na she would blame herself for what happened.”

Jayda also share how tough it was, but their faith helped them.

“We managed to get through it by God’s grace. Iyong faith po namin sa Panginoon, that’s what helped us get through it.”

“But I would tell her that it’s not her fault and that she had nothing to do with it,” she continued. “Things happen for a reason.”

An Emotional Jessa Pays Tribute to Her Daughter in an Open Letter

It was just a week ago when Zaragoza revealed the heartbreaking loss in an open letter.

“Anak I’m feeling kinda emotional right now…I’m just so proud of you Anak. I admire kung paano mo natutunan i-handle ang mga adversities that have come your way. Maliit man o malaki. Kung paano mo sha inapproach with maturity and paano mo sinasali ang Panginuon sa bawat yugto ng Buhay mo,” she began the lengthy post.

“I’m just so thankful to the LORD na ako ang napili nya na Maging Nanay mo. I’d like to take this time anak para pasalamatan ka, for helping me face the trials I’ve gone through this past Holy Week. When I had a miscarriage last April, you reminded me that life is a Gift,” wrote Zaragoza on Instagram.

“Thank you anak for helping me move on and helping me realize na, ‘Wag natin sayangin ang bawat araw maging malungkot.’ We are still so blessed in many ways.”


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