Mothers in post-Yolanda Leyte rebuild a school for their children

Mothers in post-Yolanda Leyte rebuild a school for their children

Two years after super typhoon Yolanda, the people of Leyte are still striving to rebuild their lives.

When the strongest typhoon to recently make landfall in human history hit the Philippines, the damage it caused to many lives sent shockwaves throughout the nation.

Though super typhoon Yolanda levelled many buildings and homes, it could not crush the spirit of the people of Leyte, which suffered the brunt of the devastation.

Now, two years later, much improvement has been made but they still have a long way to go.

Just recently, mothers stepped up to rebuild Tanuan's San Victor elementary School, one of the buildings still left unrepaired in post-Yolanda Leyte.

It was the initiative and insistence of the mothers themselves that allowed the project to push through.

All in all, 57 mothers were trained by 28 skilled carpenters and masons in carpentry work such as painting, masonry and woodcutting.

Even though they practically learned on the job, they got the hang of it quickly and were earning P265 a day.

They had been waiting for a long time to get the chance to do their part but it was only recently that aid finally came which allowed them to fund the project.

For months they held school activities and parent-teacher conferences outdoors in the extreme heat or under a flimsy tent when it rained.

There was a growing unease, too, about the safety of their children daily because of the unrepaired damages of the school compound which could possibly injure their little ones.

Though it was their first time applying their newly-acquired skills in construction, they rebuilt their childrens' school in less than a month.

Truly, there's no skill that can't be learned and there's no goal that can't be achieved with a community's willingness and teamwork.

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