OB allegedly killed baby during failed vacuum birth procedure

OB allegedly killed baby during failed vacuum birth procedure

Baby D'Mauri was nine pounds and handed to his mother dead, with wounds on his skull and a broken collarbone. This wasn't the first time Dr. June Coleman's vacuum extraction failed.

Tatyana Phillips, eighteen, and her aunt, Kendra Rainey, said that the former’s baby boy D’Mauri died because of a failed vacuum birth procedure last October 4. The report came from Yahoo Parenting.

According to her lawyers, her baby had become stuck in the birth canal during delivery in a hospital in Houston, Texas.

Tatyana and her aunt had asked doctor June Coleman, her 52-year-old obstetrician for a C-section when they found out the baby was stuck, but Dr. Coleman did not go through with the procedure.

Dr. Coleman then decided to pull the baby out using a vacuum extractor. But instead of delivering the baby safely, Tatyana’s camp says that the procedure eventually killed him.

Pregnant mother’s worst nightmare

According to Kendra, who wrote an incendiary Facebook post (now deleted) about the incident, the hospital staff were allegedly unhelpful and that Doctor Coleman “looked rushed” and was “dressed as if she was going dancing,” just as her niece was wheeled in to the delivery room.

Kendra said that her niece was wheeled in 5 cm dilated after receiving an epidural. Dr. Coleman then instructed Tatyana to push. When the latter was having difficulty pushing, the doctor called for more staff to help.

Dr. Coleman noticed that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, so she had unwrapped it. But after this, the birth became more difficult, with D’Mauri’s head already out of his mother’s body but his shoulders stuck in the birth canal.

The doctor then told the family that the only two options were for Tatyana to keep pushing or to do a vacuum procedure.

Procedure without consent

According to Rainey, Dr. Coleman then proceeded to suction the baby out with a vacuum even without their consent, even as D’Mauri’s heart rate began to drop.

When even the suction wasn’t helping, Kendra said that Dr. Coleman told the family she would have to break the baby’s arm. D’Mauri was already turning purple and the suction had taken chunks out of the baby’s head.

Tatyana allegedly screamed, “No!” but Dr. Coleman broke the baby’s collarbone and delivered the boy. The baby’s nose was also suctioned and his neck had been broken as well.

Baby D’Mauri was listed as a “live birth” and even received an Apgar score, according to reports. This is the first test that babies get once they’ve been delivered in a hospital.

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Kendra's original Facebook post

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Not Dr. Coleman's first failed vacuum birth extraction

Dr. Coleman seems to be no stranger to deliveries gone wrong with the same circumstances.

She has been fined $3000 for four previous incidents, where the babies she delivered either had Erb’s palsy (paralysis of the arm) or a broken bone.

According to the ruling, Dr. Coleman did not recommend C-sections wherein the babies were too large for their gestational age and had inappropriately performed vacuum extractions.

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