New York Pregnant woman stabbed to death, baby delivered alive

New York Pregnant woman stabbed to death, baby delivered alive

Police were baffled and shocked upon finding a gruesome apartment scene, with one pregnant woman stabbed to death and another one holding a baby, covered in blood.

In one of the most heartbreaking and violent crimes we’ve seen, a pregnant woman in her third trimester has been stabbed to death. Th incident happened in New York, and her baby was allegedly taken from the womb.

Police were alerted last November 20 in the afternoon that two women were fighting in an apartment building in the Bronx. They found 22-year-old Angelika Sutton with multiple stab wounds and signs of strangulation. The other woman was still in the apartment.

Sutton’s boyfriend, unnamed in reports, was the one who called the police, as he came upon the bloody scene.

Scene of the crime

According to reports by NBC News, police found the surviving woman holding the bloody baby. She allegedly gave birth to the child and it was her own.   

Detectives later found a bloody knife and placenta in the apartment.

According to reports, paramedics tried to revive the stabbed woman, but to no avail.

The baby is currently in good condition.

Her baby was cut out of her womb after death

In a statement issued by New York councilman Andy King, he believed that the surviving woman and Sutton had gotten into an altercation. The woman killed Sutton, cut the baby out of the latter’s womb and held it in her arms until police arrived.

Blood samples from Sutton and the surviving woman were taken to determine who was the child’s mother and to aid the ongoing investigation.

The suspect is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

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